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Outside the Box – March 2nd

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Mar 2 2018

Hello everybody, this week we have news from Modiphius Entertainment, Wargame Exclusive, Knight Models, Hasslefree Miniatures, Steamforged Games and much more! 
Modiphius Entertainment published new Fallout previews:
–> More Modiphius Enteratinment News

A new range of Sisters of Battle is coming soon from Wargame Exclusive:
And already available, a new female commissar:
–> More Wargame Exclusive News

Hasslefree Miniatures presents two new Action Archeologists:
–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

New Guild Ball teams are coming from Steamforged Games:
–> More Steamforged Games News

Knight Models presents new pictures of the Harry Potter board game miniatures:

–> More Knight Models News

The next addition to Star Wars Legion, the 74-Z Speeder Bikes unit expansion, can now be pre-orderd from Fantasy Flight Games:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

River Horse Games announced a Pacific Rim game:

–> More River Horse Games News

The pre-order campaign for North Star Military Figures‘ plastic snakemen will launch soon:

–> More North Star Military Figures News


New previews of upcoming 6mm releases have been published by Vanguard Miniatures:
–> More Vanguard Miniatures News

Anvil Industry released a second wave of Dress Uniform bits:
–> More Anvil Industry News

New Gaul warriors are available from Victrix:

–> More Victrix News

Mad Robot Miniatures released new heads:
–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

New releases are available from Crooked Dice:–> More Crooked Dice News

Puppetswar released new Fanatics:
–> More Puppetswar News

And Rubicon Models announced a new Kubelwagen kit!
–> More Rubicon Models News


Kickstarter is on fire this week:

Bad Seed – INSIDIA: Miniatures from the Wastelands
Hexy Miniatures – Fantasy Football Slavic Team
Blind Beggar Miniatures- The Lemonade Wars: Episode One
Oathsworn Miniatures – Burrows & Badgers: Rogues & Vagabonds 
Meiko Miniatures – Vicious Corsairs Fantasy Football Dark Elf Team
Rough Werks – Miniature Holder
RBJ Game Company – Return of the Sauracens
Emma – French Revolutionary wars 28mm Wargames models and terrain
Eric Harvey – Vietnam War miniatures Axis & Allies type wargame board game
Underestimated Games – Purgatory, the next Testament
Auroch Digital – Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics – Action/RPG Video Game
Rattrap Productions – Not All Blood Runs Red Game
Macrocosm – Ancient Grudges: Bonefields 
Bradley Miniatures – 6mm Legion Vs Colonies Miniatures
Monolith – Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

If you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily hobby news

~ Plastic Kubelwagen – Awesome!

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