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PF: Good, Bad, Be the Guy With The Gold

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Mar 12 2018

The new player’s companion, the Merchant’s Manifest has a wealth of options for PCs…

Shopkeepers, Merchants, and Traders abound in this new Player’s Companion which tells you where to go to buy those beautiful toys. Whether you are an adventurer getting your startbas a merchant’s bodyguard, the scion of a family of merchants, or just someone who really enjoys the shopping portions of the game, this book has got you covered. Merchant’s Manifest introduces a ton of detail on merchants, their hubs, and contracts. So whether you want to be one, or rob one, you ahould check this book out.

But remember, caveat emptor. Or vendor, I guess, depending on which end of the initiative roll you end up. Either way, if adventuring is your trade, maybe it’s time to make trade your adventuring…

via Paizo

Player’s Companion: Merchant’s Manifest$14.99

A Trinket from Every Town!

Some say that money makes the world go round, and Golarion’s merchants make this a reality. Pathfinder Player Companion: Merchant’s Manifest examines commerce through the lens of important trade hubs such as Absalom, Goka, and Katapesh, where smart shoppers can secure myriad fine wares. Whether you’re aiming to purchase a rare item, hire on with a trade organization, or make your fortune on your own, this player-focused volume is your key to success.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • A look at 17 key merchant hubs on Golarion, including key settlements such as Cassomir and Port Ice in Avistan, Anuli and Kibwe in Garund, Ular Kel in Casmaron, and Goka and Ordu-Aganhei in Tian Xia.
  • Dozens of magic weapons and armors, mundane items, and wondrous items that originate from these key places, plus information about the markets in which they are typically found.
  • Archetypes and other class options geared toward characters who are merchants, who work for merchants, or who have a personal history tied to commerce.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
  • PP: Satyxis Raiders and Slaughter Fleets