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Star Trek Ascendancy: Borg Expansion & Ships

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Mar 10 2018

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. And we have invaded your Tabletop with our new expansion!

The Borg are one of the more terrifying alien races to come out of Star Trek. Think about it – it’s an race that assimilates all the biological and technological distinctiveness from the races it encounters, absorbs them, and them like virus moves on to the next – only they get stronger and deadlier with each encounter. Without the power of plot, they will steam roll your favorite heroes. And now they are coming to the tabletop to do the same!


Borg Assimilation Expansion – $45.00

  • Command Console Card & Cube Card
  • 5 Borg Cubes & Spires
  • 15 Assimilation Nodes & 6 Resource Nodes
  • 20 Exploration Cards
  • 30 Command Cards
  • 9 Borg Dice

The effectiveness of the Borg’s Weapons is tied to the number of Borg Worlds on the game board. The more culture and technology the Borg assimilate, the more effective their weapons are against the inhabitants of the Quadrant. Their weapons also lose potency as they lose Worlds as other civilizations develop new technologies and tactics to combat the Borg.

Make no mistake – the Borg are a TOUGH enemy. Once they get going and snag a few planets, they can really start to steam-roll the table. Players will have to decide if they want to try and go for a win without help (if they can do it fast enough) or if they are wiling to band together to stop the Borg before its too late for everyone…



Limited Edition Borg Play Mat$40.00

This 3×3 play mat features Borg accents along the edges, and a green star to mark the position of the Borg Transwarp Hub System Disc during games. It comes in a tube for easy storage – the mat rolls up easily at the end of a game. The color is rich and vibrant, the greens have an eary glow – photos don’t do this one justice.


Star Bases$12.00

These resin models snap easily off the sprue, require every minimal clean up, and are super easy to assemble. They’re available for these factions:

  • Feringi
  • Cardassian
  • Federation
  • Klingon
  • Romulan


We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.


Author: Adam Harrison
  • BoLS: STREAMING NOW - Star Trek: Ascendancy