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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: March 28

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Mar 28 2018

Chaotic footballers, armored battle drones, and dueling champions. Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!

Heroes of Stalingrad by Devil Pig Games

Heroes of Stalingrad is the latest entry in the Heroes System: Tactical Scale series by Devil Pig Games. As the name implies, this fourth standalone installment brings the action to the Eastern Front, and features dozens of historical Soviet and German units, vehicles, and equipment. Use the game’s modular tile and terrain system to build custom maps, or get right into the action with the game’s selection of premade scenarios and army lists. The campaign is really straightforward, with only a single €65/$81 pledge level that includes the entire Heroes of Stalingrad core box and all stretch goals.



Judgement Wave 2 by Gunmeister Games

Judgement is a 54mm skirmish game that was originally Kickstarted in February of last year. Inspired by MOBA video games, Judgement allows players to draft teams of champions to do battle in highly competitive arena combat. The game launched with 14 champions and 1 monster, and now Gunmeister would like to expand the roster with 12 additional characters and 3 new monsters. Pledges start at AU$50/$39 for a single hero or monster from the new wave, with discounted bundles available that include some freebies. New players may want to check out the AU$110/$86 starter set add-on, which includes two heroes, a monster, and all the rules, dice, tokens, and measuring widgets you need to play.


Armoured Digital by Word Forge Games

Armoured Digital is a 15mm skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic future where the AI humanity developed to keep the peace have turned on their masters and splintered into rival factions. The game’s hook is that its heavily inspired by classic RTS games like Command & Conquer, and it includes concepts like resource gathering, bases, and unit production. As with an RTS game, players can adapt to the current battlefield situation by producing new units or replacing existing ones to counter their opponent’s army composition. Units use a card-based programming system to determine their actions each turn, with some programs offering buffs that have potentially risky downsides. You can grab a two-player boxed set for £45/$64.



The Awful Orphanage by Workhouse Games

The Awful Orphanage is a new survival board game for up to six players. Ms. Prendergast’s orphanage holds a dark secret. The seemingly kind and gentle Prendergast uses the wayward children she takes into her home as sacrifices to the eldritch powers she worships in private. Players control children trying to escape the orphanage by exploring the modular board, scavenging for items, and dodging the orderlies and otherworldly beings that patrol the halls at night. Players can choose to work together when necessary, but ultimately only one orphan can escape alive, and learning when to throw your “friends” into harm’s way as a distraction is all part of the game’s strategy. Pledges start at £60/$85 for the standard version.


Alastoran- Demons and Chaos by Greedo Games

Finally we come to the latest batch of fantasy football teams by Greedo Games. This ambitious campaign seeks to add over 80 32mm metal miniatures across four teams representing a variety of Chaos demons, warriors, beastmen, trolls, and ogres. You can expect to pay around €75/$93 for a full team of 16 miniatures, with plenty of add-ons to customize your team with tokens, star players, and support staff.



~Which of these campaigns caught your attention?

Author: Frank Streva
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