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Wyrd: Kassa Okoye – A Commander for Two Empires

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Mar 11 2018

This Abyssinian engineer has a special relationship the King’s Empire.


Kassa Okoye is a gifted Abyssinian engineer that showed her talent at a young age. She decided to join the military as an engineer after a concentrating on school during her childhood, and quickly rose through the ranks. She became invaluable in repairing equipment, and proved to be a solid soldier with expert understanding of tactics.

She acted as an emissary to the King’s Empire to help establish a positive relationship between the Empire and Abyssinia. In this role she learned more about Guild technology, and was able to improve her craft and create new types of machinery for use by both empires.

On the tabletop, Kassa supports the massive constructs known as Titans. She gains resources when they are damaged, repairs them, and lets them take extra Actions. Though she functions best in her supporting role, she is capable of putting up a good fight in her own right. Kassa is no slouch with a machine gun and can lay down a good firebase all by herself.

Kassa’s greatest weakness is that when her Company’s Titans have all fallen in battle, much of her usefulness dissipates. Ideally, she will have gained enough resources and advantages by that point that she’ll be able to coast to victory with just her machine gun.

Kassa is a fan of any Assets that give her another Morale Action, as that lets her stay at maximum effectiveness even when there is no friendly Titan nearby.


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Author: Mars Garrett
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