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Wyrd: The Devouring Eel Will Eat You for Lunch

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Mar 4 2018

Today we’ve got a new, nasty creature – and an exciting announcement for Through the Breach!

Before we get to the new beastie: make sure you check out the upcoming Through the Breach campaign: The Obsidian Gate that starts on March 19th. This is a worldwide tabletop roleplay event for anyone that wants to pull a chair up to the table. Quick rules and pre-generated characters will be available – so even if you’ve never played Through the Breach you can join in the fun!

You can find out more about the campaign and sign up here.

And now the new beastie…

The Devouring Eel is a large, aggressive resident of Malifaux’s oceans. It consumes it’s food by constricting it into its digestive organs directly by opening it’s body down the middle. It is an incredibly painful way to die. The eels have regenerative abilities, and can infest areas quickly if they have enough food.

Let’s just say you don’t want to run into one of these things in a dark alley.


On the table, Devouring Eels are fast and difficult to hit. This, coupled with their Regeneration, makes them very survivable units. Worse yet, once they are in Glory, they can split apart and create additional copies of themselves.

Visit the Wyrd forums to learn more!

Author: Mars Garrett
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