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Wyrd: Whiskey Gamin are Proof of Gremlin Engineering Genius

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Mar 6 2018

The Gremlin engineers have done some fine work with these… transports.

Whiskey Gamin are used by Gremlin artificers to haul their moonshine – totally unlike elemental Gamin that are summed by spells and rituals.

Due to previous models disappearing into the swamp with their cargo the feet of the Whiskey Gamin have been replaced by wheels, making it harder for them to navigate boggy terrain. When the replacement made them easier prey – including by other Gremlins trying to steal the moonshine they carry – the engineers removed the Gamins’ arms and installed pump nozzles. This allows them to use their liquid cargo as a very flammable weapon.

Rolling alcohol storage that defends itself with its own cargo. Yeah… that’s definitely a Gremlin creation.

On the table, Whiskey Gamin are fast models that spread around (Alcohol) Poison(ing) and light inebriated models on fire. Like true Gamin, they explode when they are killed, showering everyone around them with moonshine.


This isn’t the only bit of news from Wyrd today – the March FAQ is out!


Download it here.

Author: Mars Garrett
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