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40K: Combat Roster List Builder Now Live

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Apr 30 2018

Games Workshop has a new gift for all the 40k Players out there – Combat Roster is a new list building tool that will put together a list in no time! Let’s take a look at what this new app is packing.

via Warhammer Community

Combat Roster is an online list-builder that lets you construct lists using Power Level for free – basically, we liked Warscroll Builder so much that we commissioned Tom, a fan of ours and keen programmer, to make something like it for Warhammer 40,000. Whether you’re looking to build a killer army for your next game, wondering what else you can fit on your list, or just want to see how many Gretchin you can squeeze into a 100 Power army,* you’ll find Combat Roster an invaluable tool.

After poking around in the new tool there are a few things that are very apparent.

  • Combat Roster does not have Point Values
  • Power Levels appear to be the most current (aka post FAQ/Chapter Approved) values
  • There are no Unit Rules
  • There are no built in ‘restrictions’

It’s pretty basic, but at least the Power Level is accurate!

If you’re looking for points you’re going to have to wait for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 App that is currently under development. The Combat Roster does look like it’s based on a mix of Codex and Index information as well. If you’ll notice, there is not an option to pick Codex: T’au and build from there – you have to select which Index your army was in and select the faction from that drop down:

You can also adjust squad sizes via Power Level as well:


The Combat Roster’s Search is pretty impressive too so finding units should be that difficult:

If you’re looking for a tool to help you tweak your lists for competitive play the Combat Roster isn’t it. But you’re looking for a away to throw together a Power Level list (or if you want to figure out the Power Level of your super tweaked out competitive list) then that’s exactly what this App does.

This is going to be great for newer players and casual folks who are just messing around. It works pretty smoothly and I’ve got no issues with what I’ve seen so far. Just keep in mind the Combat Roster doesn’t help you create a Matched Play ‘Legal’ list – there are no options to setup detachments, sub-factions, or restrictions. It’s just designed so that you can quickly figure out the Power Level of pretty much any army on the table.

Combat Roster

If you’ve got some time, pop over to the Combat Roster and take a look!



Combat Roster: Bare-bones Power Level Army List building. No frills, but no glaring errors either!

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