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40K: Deathwatch Kill-Team Requisition Order Transmitted – UPDATE

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Apr 29 2018

There’s a new picture out on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page–a plea from a world beleaguered by Xenos Threat transmits an astropathic plea for help. According to the readout, the Deathwatch are…available.

Update – GW Confirms Deathwatch Codex available for Pre-Order Next Week, see Below fore more

Over on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page, you can find an image of a desperate plea from a beleaguered planetary governor whose prayers have been answered in the form of not one, but two Deathwatch Kill Teams.

Accompanying the picture was this text:

Liberation is at hand – brace yourself for the new Deathwatch codex, coming very soon (and let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments).

So it sounds like the Deathwatch is coming next folks, and soon. Perhaps as early as next week we’ll start seeing more details about the Deathwatch Codex. Additionally–who is Watch Master Androchles? Are we getting a new character teased? GW loves sneaking information about what’s coming next in little details like this. So probably, but who knows.

Either way it seems like it’s time to start getting excited to crush Xenos beneath the power-armor clad heels of the Astartes arm of the Ordo Xenos.


Organised into small, elite companies plucked from Space Marine Chapters that have pledged a tithe of their strength in the struggle against the alien, the Deathwatch counts only heroes amongst its ranks. Each member has been hailed as an expert in his field even before his training as a Deathwatch operator has begun. His armour painted the blackest of hues, his Chapter icon intact upon his pauldron as a mark of respect to the Chapter that made him, the Deathwatch Space Marine and his highly-specialised Kill Team descend to the edge of destruction, there to repel whatever dire threat they face.

Update: GW has confirmed Deathwatch is the next Codex, out for pre-order next week. Via Warhammer Community:

Next week also sees the release of Codex: Deathwatch – your complete guide to the 41st Millennium’s most elite alien hunters. Codex: Deathwatch allows you to field what could well be Warhammer 40,000’s most versatile army, featuring Mission Tactics, Stratagems and an expanded list of weapons that can use Special Issue Ammunition, allowing your units to take out nearly any xenos threat and tailor their strategies on the fly.

What’s more, you’ll be able to assemble your Primaris Space Marines into Fortis Kill Teams – mixed formations that allow you to combine the strengths of Intercessors, Reivers, Aggressors and Inceptors into a cohesive and powerful whole. We’re very excited about this codex, and we’ll be running some in-depth previews next week to help you prepare!

Are you ready for the Deathwatch Codex? Where do you think it will fall on the spectrum from Grey Knights to Custodes?


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