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40K: Go Behind The Battlelines of Rynn’s World In ‘Legacy of Dorn’

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Apr 14 2018

The battle of Rynn’s World is a dark moment in the history of the Crimson Fists. Ultimately it shows the resolve of these Sons of Dorn vs an Ork invasion. But there is another side of the battle that we get to explore in the next novel from Mike Lee – ‘Legacy of Dorn’ – behind enemy lines!

I read Steve Parker’s Rynn’s World book and I enjoyed it. The story covers the events of one of the most destructive battles the Crimson Fists have ever taken part in. After a self inflicted (maybe?) wound that destroys most of the Chapter, the remaining Crimson Fists have to fight off a massive Ork invasion. The narrative mostly follows Chapter Master Pedro Kantor as he leads his battle-brothers from the ashes of defeat to a narrow victory.

Rynn’s World

But there were other pockets of resistance that sprung-up on the planet. Mike Lee is back with a follow-up to his story None More Loyal – but it’s actually more of a prequel for Sergeant Galleas of the Crimson Fists.

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This brand new novel is set during the battle for Rynn’s World. This infamous conflict was well chronicled in Steve Parker’s aptly-titled Rynn’s World, which focused on the key events in the battle – but Galleas and his squad weren’t involved in the big battles and drama of the time. Instead, they were trapped deep behind ork lines, safeguarding some of the ordinary humans who make Rynn’s World their home – and Legacy of Dorn follows their attempts to survive and to turn their human allies into a guerrilla force to strike back against the greenskin invaders.

That sounds like a part of the Battle I’d like to read about! We’ll get to see how the ‘ordinary’ people react to an Ork invasion. Plus we’ll get a look at how much of a difference a lone squad actually can make on the battlefield. Guerrilla tactics with Space Marines? Color me interested!

Legacy of Dorn (eBook) $15.99


Trapped behind enemy lines during the invasion of Rynn’s World, Sergeant Galleas and his squad must rally the human survivors of the greenskin attack and teach them to fight back, if any of them are to survive.

It’s the flip side of Steve Parker’s Rynn’s World, focusing on a small squad of Crimson Fists and a ragged band of humans in the midst of the greatest battle the Chapter ever fought.

Veteran Sergeant Sandor Galleas is the epitome of a Crimson Fists Space Marine: proud, courageous, and unyielding, even in the face of impossible odds. But when disaster befalls the Chapter during the ork invasion of Rynn’s World, Galleas’s convictions are put to the ultimate test. Trapped deep in enemy territory, Galleas, his squad, and a band of human survivors, must fight the greenskins by any means necessary if they – and the Crimson Fists Chapter – are to survive.

Written by Mike Lee


‘Our Shield and Protector’


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