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40K RUMORS: Imperial Knights Compilation

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Apr 20 2018

Hot off the internet, a batch of Imperial Knights rumors surrounding their imminent release. Come see what has been baked up from the grist from the Rumor Mill.

First of all, these are all rumors, so let’s all get our salt supply ready–but, bear in mind that GW did go to all that trouble to make that sweet sweet faction video to set up the Imperial Knights as their own faction.

Which brings us to this latest batch of rumors. Some of these are compiled from earlier–Miniwars gathered most of these from DakkaDakka and Bolter and Chainsword. From the internet, to your eyeballs, here’s what the rumors are about the Imperial Knights.

There are rumors of several new kits Imperial Knights will accompany the launch of its 8th Edition Codex, with some variations that are sure to appeal to players and collectors.
  • Castellan which we’ve previously seen at Adepticon
  • The Mini Knight Armiger from Forgebane (probably released as an individual kit with more options).
  • Valiant, a stylized variant – bigger than the standard Imperial Knight we know, armed with a thermal lance (or some other energy lance) and an energy weapon. Quite possibly a dual boxed kit with an option for a special character.
  • Helliger  (only the name)
  • And finally rumors of Renegade Imperial Knights

Only time will tell–but we do know that the Knights are getting at least a couple of kits and options for troops, etc. So we’ll see what those are like when the release comes. This is an exciting one folks, so let’s get ready for some giant robot action. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for grabbing some Armigers and a couple of big Knights and lining them up like ducks on parade.

What do you think of these knight rumors? What would you like to see accompanying the codex?

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