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40K: The Best General Podcast, A Logical Conclusion

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Apr 27 2018


‘Ere we go! In Episode 25, Adam adapts to an unknown meta, reaching logical conclusions about what’s next while being reminded of why he’s here in the first place. 

So I must admit that when I first read through the Warhammer 40K FAQ lat week it felt like I had been sucker punched. I’ve spent the last several months fine-tuning a play style with a list that, maybe wasn’t perfect, worked for me. The list, how can I say this? The list spoke to me. If you happened to peruse my Facebook page post-FAW, I apologize for all of the  salt. Some of you personally reached out to me to let me know that I’m better than that, and I appreciate your approach as you were level, and you were reasoned, and…you were right. I know that’s not why you listen to the show, in truth that was just a little part of the grieving process for me. Sometimes you have to laugh at your own shortcomings but syntax is everything. I understand now that I was just contributing to the negativity that was all over the Internet. With that said the FAQ forced me to take a big look at myself and at the steps that I would need to take in order to win Warzone 2018. The truth is, while romantic, playing a pure Blood Angels list probably wasn’t going to get me there.

Maybe this FAQ was a blessing in disguise? Maybe the FAQ force me to reach the logical conclusion with my list a lot sooner?

I have my Coach and 40K Yoda, Andrew Whittaker (Best Overall At Warzone: Atlanta, 2017), back on the show to find out…

I hope you enjoy the show! If you have any ideas for show topics, advice, or comments – be sure to include them in the comment section below…




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