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40K: Tricks of the Drukhari (That Will Probably Get FAQ’d)

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Apr 5 2018

The new Drukhari book is out and about in the wild and people are already exploring the tricks these deviant elves can pull. Let’s take a look at just a couple.

The Drukhari (Dark Eldar to us old farts) have gotten a really solid book. The book is so good many people are saying it’s their best codex since their 5th Edition renaissance. What makes the book so good is just how different it is. It plays with some of the unique 8th Edition mechanics like detachments and warlords. It’s also a book that does a great job of keeping the feeling of Drukhari, a fast, deadly, fragile and tricky race. It’s that last part I want to focus on right now, so let’s take a gander and a couple of the tricks this book can pull off before they get FAQ’d.

Ultimate Sniping Champion

One of the fun little stratagems in the Codex is “An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar.” This stratagem allows a Dark Creed Haemonculus Coven unit to freely target enemy characters. While fun it doesn’t seem particularly crazy, there aren’t a ton of Coven units that a great at shooting. Talos’ and Cronos’ have guns, but are hampered by BS4, and don’t have the best guns for killing characters. Wracks don’t get enough guns to make it worthwhile, and Grotesques are so close ranged you don’t really need the strat. Your best bet is most likely either a Talos with a pair of Heat Lances or a Raider/Venom. None of these pack enough guns to kill a tough character in one go. If only there were a better option…

The Tantalus is one of the two Forgeworld Drukhari units that have rules (who remembers The Dark Eldar Raven?). On its own it’s a reliable transport, that is fast and good for a command tank. It’s also got a solid gun, with 12 S8 AP -3 D2 shots at BS 3.

Most importantly for us, it is part of a Haemonculus Coven. With 36 inch range, a 16/32 in movement, the ability to deep strike using  Screaming Jets, and assault weapons you just can’t hide from it. Now use An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar on this bad girl, and you should be taking down enemy characters with ease.

Vect’s Agent’s Are Everywhere


If you are looking for a dumb rules loophole, go no further.  Agents of Vect (my all time favorite Stratagem) is listed as a Kabal of the Black Heart Stratagem, which seems to imply you need to play that Kabal to use it. Currently however that’s not at all the case. You see according to the rules in the Codex taking a force that includes a Drukhari detachment grants you access to all the stratagems listed in the book. Nowhere does it say you have to have a matching sub-faction to get its stratagem.

Now every other sub-faction stratagem in the book, and as far as I can tell every other book, requires you to target a unit from that sub-faction (or have a warlord from it, etc.) to use it. However, the effects of Agents of Vect do not. Nowhere in its rules are there bolded Kabal of the Black Heart, as you see in An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar above. So currently, RAW at least, you can use Agents of Vect in any army. And I kind of love this! I mean of course Vect has his agents everywhere, it doesn’t matter what faction you are, Vect is messing with you. Still, it seems pretty likely this will get FAQ’d.

Strike From Anywhere

Like other mega factions, the Drukhari and Craftworld Eldar share some stratagems in common. Lighting Fast Reaction, and Fire and Fade among others are in both books. And according to GW’s FAQs, these stratagems that share a name are counted as one stratagem, meaning they can’t be abused and used more than usual. Exceptions to this rule seem to be Screaming Jets and Webway Portal. Screaming Jets is functionally the same as the Craftworld Cloudstrike, whereas Webway Portal is the same as Webway Strike yet they have different names. These means that unlike the other stratagems, such as Fire and Fade you should be able to use both versions. This allows a Mixed Craftworld and Drukhair to be incredibly flexible.

Confuse and Confound You Foes!



Drukhari have a massive ten sub-factions, more than other any other Codex. Moreover, the unique nature of their army encourages players to take lots of little detachments mixing and matching sub-factions at will.With so many options, and the ability to ride in transports of other sub-factions, it will be a no-brainer to confuse your enemy so much they will have no idea what anything in your does! 10 Raiders all with different special rules, no problem! Now stick units in them that have those same ten special rules, but not the ones that match their transports. No one will have any idea whats happening and will be tearing their hair out trying to keep up. It’s the Drukhari way!

Duplicitous and Scheming

So there you have just a couple of the crazy tricks Drukhari can pull off with their book. Use these tricks, not wisely, but with typical Dark Eldar arrogance, abandon and excess. Afterall, they are likely to be FAQ’d away soon.

Let us know what your favorite Drukhari trick is, down in the comments!

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