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AoS: Lore Of The Idoneth Deepkin

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Apr 16 2018

Now that the Deepkin are released, we’re learning more and more about what drives these horrors from the deep. Suffering from forgotten terrors that linger to the very core of their souls, these seaborne Aelves raid for a reason.

The Idoneth Deepkin are a fascinating faction. The more we learn, the more interesting (and twisted) they get. Thanks to the latest video from Warhammer TV we get a look at some of the dark truths that lurk at the heart of the Deepkin. Let’s dive in and sea what we can learn.

via Warhammer Community


There’s a lot happening here. For one, we learn why they’re born with withering souls. We knew they were creations of Teclis, and were flawed–but a big reason for the flaws was that they had spent numberless aeons in the belly of Slaanesh. Teclis tried to purify them, but it didn’t quite work out the way he’d hoped.

I like this detail, though honestly, I’d be just as fine with the Deepkin just being Teclis’ first attempt at creating life and him not understanding exactly what he was doing. That sort of deep flaw is nice and tragic and is very reminiscent of Frankenstein but without all the lightning and angry mobs.

One of the reasons you don’t really see the angry mobs is because the Idoneth Deepkin are kind of monstrous. So. We know they have Forgotten Nightmares:


And that’s kind of cool and flavorful, but then the writers talk about how the Deepkin do that on purpose. They use their magics–which also sustain them beneath the waves as well as conjure the ethersea they fight in–to wipe the minds of their victims, leaving only a dimly remembered nightmare. Or as they put it in the video, people don’t know the Deepkin killed Dave because they forgot Dave ever existed.

That’s straight up horrifying. So not only are they preying upon the forces of Order, they are actively lying to them so they can sustain themselves and send their forces to go fight Chaos. Makes you wonder what might happen if they ever forget to cover-up the scene of one of their “harvests.” Also there’s a Necroquake.

At any rate, that’s it for now–if you want to see the Idoneth in action, check them out today on our Twitch channel, where we’ll be showing off the new battletome and new models fully painted.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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