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AoS: Unboxing The Idoneth Deepkin Part 1

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Apr 14 2018

The first wave of Idoneth Deepkin have hit the pre-order shores and we’ve already got the boxes in hand to show off – come take a look at Lotann, The Namarti Thralls, and the Eidolon of Mathlann!

Lotann & The Namarti Thralls

These two units are a great one-two combo. The Lotann can buff the Namarti who are already a dangerous Battleline troop option. Hitting and Wounding on a 3+ with a -1 rend and the ability to re-roll 1s is pretty good! There are also ways to get some extra attacks out of your Namarti which can help them really put the hurt on units. Watch out for a charge from a unit backed up by a Lotann!

Lotann Sprue

Namarti Thralls Sprues

Their rules are also available on Games Workshop’s webpage:

Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers

Namarti Thralls



The Eidolon of Mathlann

The Eidolon of Mathlann is a very impressive model. While we do have some concerns that connecting it to the base might be a tad tricky (with only a hand full of spindling contact points…it’s a little panic inducing), it’s still an amazing model. This presents one of the most intimidating hobby challenges out there as the cape is just…well, LOOK AT IT!

On the tabletop, the Eidolon has two Aspects it can take – either the Storm or the Sea. Both have their advantages as one is designed for Melee (Storm) and the other is more of a Magical Caster option (Sea) – either way, it’s a force of nature on the tabletop!

Check out the full rules for the Eidolon on GW’s webpage:


Aspect of the Storm

Aspect of the Sea

Are you ready to dive in with the Idoneth Deepkin? All three of these kits are up for pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop!

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