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GW: Blitzmania II Coming This Summer

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Apr 26 2018

It’s your chance at glory on the pitch with the upcoming Blitzmania II league for Blood Bowl! Do you have what it takes to take the championship home?

Following up from last year’s Blitzmania Season, Games Workshop has announced that a new Blitzmania league is ramping up. For the uninitiated, Blitzmania was a global league that you could freely register for via their Blood Bowl Website. You would register your team and you could report your games from stores or at home.

Winning will get you more than just bragging rights, too:


via Warhammer Community

Last year’s Blitzmania was a roaring success, and we’re hoping this year is even bigger – with more teams, Star Players and devious tricks to try than ever before, this year’s competition could be very exciting indeed.

Like last year, the very best of the best will win the coveted Blitzmania trophy – forged, some say, from the helmets of failed runners-up, and quenched in the tears of your rival team’s fans.



If you’re looking to get some tips from the winner of last year’s Blitzmania League, you can check out this interview that the Warhammer Community did with him HERE.

Registration kicks off May 3rd – Do you have what it takes to claim the trophy for 2018!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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