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GW: White Dwarf Teases New Xenos Terrain & More

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Apr 27 2018

We are getting a ton of previews for the content in the May White Dwarf – New Gang Rules for Necromunda, a new fast-paced mini game for Tzeentch Sorcerers, and a brand new Aeldari Terrain Feature: A Webway Gate!

Many moons ago, we ran a series on Xenos Terrain for Warhammer 40,000. (Here’s the Link for the final Chaos Daemons article – there are links inside for the previous articles.) Now it seems like more than a few of our suggestions are finally getting made into a reality. The Eldar article specifically called out a Webway Gate and now we are finally getting a brand new terrain kit of that very thing!

via Warhammer Community

“[T]his issue of White Dwarf features a glimpse at an awesome upcoming new model – the Aeldari Webway Gate! After years of being an iconic part of the Warhammer 40,000 background, this huge scenery piece finally brings the webway to life on your tabletop – keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for when this goes on pre-order…”

I’m super pumped about this terrain kit! It looks pretty cool and it’s the first real piece of Aeldari architecture we’re getting in the game. We’ve had ideas and descriptions about how their buildings looked before, but now we’re getting an actual kit and it’s about time!

That’s not all. This kit is slated to release along side the upcoming Codex: Harlequins! GW has confirmed that in May, Codex: Harlequins and Deathwatch will be making their return. So keep an eye out for those pre-orders.

Sorcerers of Tzeentch – Duels of the Crystal Labyrinth


Games Workshop is introducing a fun looking minigame for all your Tzeentch-themed wizard battles. You’ll find the rules in the White Dwarf and the game board is on the back cover. You can get a rough idea of the game from the teaser page but basically, two Wizards are locked in a battle to see who will progress and who will be defeated. Players will use miniatures to represent their wizard (they suggest Tzeentch themed ones) and you’ll need up-to 18 of the lesser daemons (like Brimstones, Blue, & Pink Horrors).

The rules can’t be more than a few pages and it looks like some type of chess game with dice – I’m curious for sure. If you’ve got the models and some time why not give this Dueling game a go.

Necromunda’s Venator Bands

Some folks just like to watch the world burn. Other like to party! The people in the second group tend to like to party with others and that’s kind of what the Venator Bands represent. It’s a coalition of pretty much anyone that has teamed-up because of a shared belief in the safety of numbers. Ventators are a great excused to pick up some Forge World Bounty Hunters – or a reason to have a mix of models in your new gang.

Inside the May White Dwarf, you’ll find rules for how to create your gang, stats, advancements and tips on how to bring it to the table. It’s a great opportunity for hobbyists to challenge themselves – or for a gaming group to just make gangs of hodgepodge miniatures and see what happens! Hey, the underhive is a dangerous place – might as well party up and throw down…

The May White Dwarf is coming soon and we’re looking forward to all the extras it’s going to bring. More gangs for Necromunda, more lore for the Idoneth, more mini-games, and previews of new kits! That’s a White Dwarf I can get behind.



What are you looking forward to in the upcoming White Dwarf? How about that Aeldari Terrain!?

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