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Quantronic Heat Cooks Up An Adventure For Infinity The RPG

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Apr 12 2018

The Infinity universe has a lot to offer to players–an adventure can take place in a small district of one part of the world or can span the entire Human Sphere. Quantronic Heat is an introductory adventure that shows the breadth of the system.

Quantronic Heat is an adventure that plays with the assumption that your characters are all agents of the Bureau Noir, the O-12 (aka Space UN)’s secret service. These elite agents deal in espionage and high-octane adventure which can go from the darkened allies of a neon-lit marketplace to interstellar causeways and cramped stations in the middle of a drifting asteroid field.

Quantronic Heat is a fine example of the variety of stuff that Infinity characters can get up to. I’ve talked before about how this RPG offers up a bounty of variety regarding both adventure and set-pieces that your adventures can take place in. And this high-powered sci-fi playground is a perfect backdrop for “spy” adventures, though, again it’s more James Bond than George Smiley. Which, one day, I’ll find my well-paced, tense thriller espionage RPG where one of the most nail-biting sequences involves finding a file folder somewhere I’m not supposed to be.

I can hardly stand the excitement

But on the other end of that spectrum, Infinity is incredibly satisfying, and you should definitely see what Modiphius is cooking with Quantronic Heat.

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Quantronic Heat – $14.99/$7.99 (pdf)


A cyber threat in the Human Sphere

Amid the glittering, skyscraper-studded city block arcologies of Neoterra the backbiting industrial espionage of the hypercorps has finally boiled over into open violence and murder.

…or has it?

When Bureau Noir agents are called in to investigate the shocking corporate raid, they quickly discover there’s a deeper conspiracy in play. A terrorist splinter group pursues a mysterious scheme of quantronic brinkmanship which threatens the entire Human Sphere.

Quantronic Heat is a min-campaign of three interlinked scenarios

Part 1: Conception. Unravel the puzzling enigmas surrounding the disappearance of Dr Morgan Hart among the quantronic corridors and rain-slicked streets of Neoterra.

Part 2: On Your Marks. Dive into the underground Remote racing circuit and seize control of a Remote while competing on the dangerous courses of the Sol Series.


Part 3. Birth Pangs. In the stunning, action-packed finale of Quantronic Heat, pursue the terrorists back to their frozen Svalarheiman base in a planet-wide investigation of epic scale!

This is a 48 page PDF delivered on purchase via download.

If you can’t handle the Quantronic Heat, stay out of the Quantronic Kitchen

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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