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STREAMING NOW – Necrons vs Custodes Game

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Apr 11 2018

This week on Dark Apocrypha – we throw the noble Adeptus Custodes against the Necrons!

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Guardians vs Robots!



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Necrons vs Custodes  (watch LIVE NOW)

Custodian Patrol  

Captain-General Trajan Valoris- 250


3x Vertus Praetors w/ hurricane bolter and misericordia- 282

9x Custodian Guard 6x Guardian Spear, 3x Steninel blade and storm shield, 6x misericodriia -513

Vexilus Preator w/Vexilia Imperius and misericodria / storm shield  – 149

Astra Militarum Battalion -Catachans 

Company Commander -30

Company Commander -30

10x Guardsmen -40


10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47

10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47

Basilisk w/ hvy bolter – 108

1496 6/6 cp

Necrons – Mephrit

Lord w. Staff of light- 83

Cryptek w. chrono- 85

Catacomb Command Barge w/ guass cannon, staff of light and res orb-203

20x Necron Warriors –  240


20x Necron Warriors –  240

20x Necron Warriors –  240

Ghost Ark- 160

Transcendent C’Tan – 225

1476 pts 6/6 cp


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