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40K BREAKING: Harlequin Leaks – Point Values and Stratagems

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May 14 2018

Harlequins are enigmatic figures who sweep in with deadly grace and leave naught but bodies in their wake. But the internet has shone light on some of the mystery, as images taken from the new codex begin to bubble to the surface.

That’s right folks, spotted in the wilds of the internet from redditor GosuBlanky, a few pictures of the Harlequin Codex have made their way to the screen–first up, the Webway Portal Rules, followed by Stratagems and Points Values.

images via Reddit

This answers a few questions, you are able to use it to deep strike your units anywhere near where it’s deployed–you can only bring in one a turn (see below though), but it’s fairly tough at T8 with 14 Wounds and a 3+/5+ save.

Now then, on to the Stratagems, first up, of course there’s a Stratagem that you can use to bring in more than one unit from a Webway Gate, or to bring a unit in close for some close combat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this stratagem makes its way to the other Aeldari out there, especially since the Harlequins share a number of Stratagems, including lightning fast reflexes with the other Aeldar factions.


So Skystride is pretty much the same version as the Drukhari stratagem, but you can also just double your firepower with a Dreaming Shadow unit.

More Webway Stratagems round out the mix, followed by a quick look at some of the non-deep striking generic stratagems.

Cegorach’s Jest is perhaps my favorite of the three–but I imagine you’ll get a lot out of Prismatic Blur, 3+ invulnerable saves will lend a great deal of resilience to the otherwise fragile Harlequins. At any rate, that’s it for now. Doubtless there’ll be more, either from GW or from the dark warrens of the internet to whence all secrets go–time alone will tell.

In the meantime, what do you think of these Stratagems?



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