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40K: Deathwatch Stratagem Preview – Toolbox Of Champions

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May 3 2018

When it comes to bringing the right tool for the job Deathwatch has it down.  They are packing a plethora of Stratagems to ensure they can take on any enemy that is foolish enough to stand in the way of their objective. Let’s take a look inside their Toolbox of Stratagems!

We took a look at some of the rules of the Deathwatch and how the Primaris Marines will function in their army. Today we’re diving into the wide array of Stratagems they are packing.

via Games Workshop

“Deathwatch Stratagems are designed with that same spirit of flexibility in mind. You’ll be able to benefit from both a unique Stratagem for each xenos race, as well as a series of Doctrines that provide extra offensive bite against specific Battlefield Roles.”

The Anti-Xenos Force

If you’re facing down a legion of death robots like the Necrons you’ll be happy to know they have Overkill which will help to disrupt those oh-so-useful Reanimation Protocol rolls.

Fighting Orks and worried about getting bogged down in the Green Tide of close-combat? Well with Stem The Green Tide you’ll be able to force your opponent to subtract 1″ from their charge distance for each enemy that was slain by Overwatch fire.


When facing down the Xenos threat of the Tyranids, the Deathwatch knows to target the important Synapse Characters first. This Stratagem allows them to bypass some of the standard targeting restrictions.

Worried about those swift moving Aeldari units like transports, jetbikes, or other Flyers? The Deathwatch will be able to get the drop on them with this Stratagem. Intercepting Volley will really hinder the Aeldari’s movement options – or they will just have to take their lumps and to get where they want to go.

This is possibly my new favorite Deathwatch Stratagem. Tired of those pesky T’au Markerlights because you don’t have a way to defend against them? For 1 CP you can just make them all go away. That’s a STEAL!

Doctrines For Every Slot


Guess what else they are packing – Doctrines for every single Force-Org slot.

“Even if you’re not fighting xenos, you’ll find the various doctrine Stratagems invaluable. Essentially, for two Command Points, you’ll be able to add 1 to your wound rolls against your chosen Battlefield Role”

The Deathwatch are going to want to load-up on Command Points to gain access to using all these Stratagems. But fret not – there is also a Warlord Trait for that:

Not only will you get a free “re-roll once per game” – you’ll also get to recover a Command Point on a 5+ each time you use a Stratagem. That should help mitigate the cost of those 2-3 CP Stratagems.

What do you think of the Deathwatch and their unique ability to have an answer for every opponent?

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