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40K: The All Primaris Kill Team

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May 6 2018

The Deathwatch’s Ability to mix and match Primaris Intercessors is very strong. It’s going to make Primaris quite good–and the Deathwatch can take an army that is entirely outfitted with Primaris marines and their accompanying technology. Come take a look at the brand new Primaris Watch Captain.

That’s right. Primaris Marines are doing well in the Deathwatch. They must be serving with distinction because you’ve got kill teams all over the place now, but also some have been promoted to Watch Captains as seen below:

As you can see he’s basically a Primaris Captain but coded for Deathwatch, and with the ability to take special ammunition. You’d think that a Watch Captain might have access to different gear than a normalĀ  captain–but either way, it still means that you can fill out your HQ slots with Primaris Marines. As we saw in our Table of Contents, there are Primaris Librarians and Chaplains here, as well as a Primaris Apothecary (though I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those fielded ever and doubt they actually exist).

All the new Primaris/Dark Imperium toys show up–including the Redemptor Dreadnought and the Repulsor, both of which mean you can take an all new-school marine army in your Deathwatch. And honestly that’s probably the way to go with these guys–the Repulsor is still not my favorite looking vehicle ever, but if you want a way to get your elite units across the battlefield, it’s your only option. Because the Corvus Blackstar is tiny normal boring marines only:

Why it can transport Bikers and Terminators but not Marines is beyond me. But at any rate, if you want to saddle up your Primaris Deathwatch team in a Deathwatch repulsor, you can. Though that image seems less…elite to me, and more like a bunch of hooting and hollering folks piling into the bed of a truck, and that’s probably because the Repulsor is the anti-grav equivalent of a Monster Truck.


And that’s the new Primariswatch folks. What do you think? Still worth it to field the old guard? Or are these new whippersnappers the new stars of the show? Can they both get along like two mismatched cops, forced to partner together by a chief that just wants them to stop causing such a headache?

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