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BREAKING: Forgeworld New Horus Heresy & 40K Minis

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May 12 2018

A lot of new minis (and not so minis) just got unveiled. Get ready 40K and Horus Heresy fans.

Horus Heresy:

First up we get a look at BOOK 8: Malevolence:

We get details on the book as well as models for:

  • Alpharius
  • Alpha Legion Terminator bodyguards
  • Ad Mech Tunnelers & characters
  • Solar Auxilia Tanks




image via miniwars

Warhammer 40K

Moving over to the Grimdark we get shots of:

  • New Imperial Knights
  • Necron UBER-machines
  • Van Saar Weapon packs

images via miniwars

~ OMG, the Ordinaus Mole! The EPIC Hellbore is reborn after decades!


Author: Larry Vela
  • 30K: The 'End Times' of The Horus Heresy