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FFG: Scorpion Clan Pack Announced For Legend of the Five Rings

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May 31 2018

A new clan pack is heading to the mystical lands of L5R. Get ready for the “Underhand of the Emperor” – The Scorpion Clan Pack!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Whispers in the dark across Rokugan. Information flows like a river and all channels lead to Bayushi Shoju and the Scorpion Clan. A beggar on the street, a merchant in the city, children playing by a garden. These are the tools of the Scorpion Clan, the eyes and ears found in every corner of the Emerald Empire. The Scorpion use this information to serve the Emperor in ways other clan’s cannot. If the Lion and Crane are the Right and Left Hands of the Empire, the Scorpion are the underhand, serving just as loyally, but just out of sight, waiting in the shadows.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Underhand of the Emperor, a Scorpion Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The Scorpion Clan is the most secretive clan in Rokugan. Thematically they skirt the line of dishonor and defeat. Many of their big plays come from cards that gain powerful abilities when they have 6 or fewer honor. When they are that close to defeat, their venom strikes that much harder!

Their new Stronghold Kyūden Bayushi showcases their Six Honor threshold. Not only can does this ready a dishonored character it also buffs them for the military and political phase!


“With five military skill and two political skill, Aramoro is a skilled combatant who can potentially defeat his foe permanently. While Bayushi Aramoro is participating in a military conflict, you may dishonor him and choose a participating character controlled by an opponent. Until the end of the conflict, that character’s military skill is reduced by two and the character is discarded if their military skill is zero. Though it may not be honorable, victory is victory. Bayushi Aramoro is not beyond using the unique trickery of the Scorpion to gain an edge.”

Stolen Breath is a new attachment poison that can quiet your opponent’s characters in a political conflict. That can be very handy when you’re trying to get the upper hand in court!

Something For Every Clan

The Scorpion Clan Pack also has one new card for the six other Great Clans – these cards are intended to counter the primary focus of this new clan pack. Akodo Kage is a prime example. As a reaction, Kage forces your opponent’s honor dial to match your own if your bid is lower AND you are more Honorable:

This can completely shut down Clan Scorpion as they can be forced to miss their honor thresholds and prevent them from making a big play.

If you’re wanting to play as Clan Scorpion, then keep a look out for Underhand of the Emperor – coming in October 2018!


Underhand of the Emperor $19.95

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Underhand of the Emperor, a Scorpion Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Underhand of the Emperor contains 78 new cards (three copies of 25 different cards and 1 copy of each of 3 different cards .) Underhand of the Empire expands on classic themes of the Scorpion, giving them new deck building options that encourages them to toe the line between dishonor and defeat. Look for a new Role card, a Philosophy that prevents you from losing the game, and an army of whispers, standing at attention.


Beware the Scorpion…

Author: Adam Harrison
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