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Star Wars LEGION: Building A Battlefield Far Far Away

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May 11 2018

There are some great terrain options out there for Star Wars: Legion. Let’s take a tour.

You’ve got your armies all painted and ready for the tabletop. You’re rear to crush the Rebel scum or treat down the Empire. All that’s left is to pick your battlefield, where shall you win your first victories? Will it be green table #1 or a suspiciously 40K world?

Are you sure we are on Jakku? 


Terrain is a huge part of any wargame. It’s vitally important for the function of the game, providing cover, line of sight blocking and a host of other effects depending on the game. But beyond it simple purpose the form terrain takes is vital in our enjoyment of a game. Few things are as satisfying as creating and playing on a beautiful table. Having the right terrain can help bring you into a game. While we often make due with what we have, from books substituting as hills, to soda can towers, we’d all rather have some nice stuff to play on. As a newer game terrain specific to Star Wars: Legion isn’t super common yet. However there are some good options out there, so let’s take a look.

FFG Basics

Currently, FFG makes some very basic terrain for Legion. The core set comes with some barricades, and these can also soon be purchased on their own. FFG is also releasing a set called the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion in addition to some new mission cards the set comes with objective tokens. Small terrain peaces like boxes and small comm towers. While these sets are relatively small adding them to your generic natural terrain features can make a table feel much more Star Wars-y.

Imperial Terrain

Imperial Terrain is a small company that makes sci-fi themed 3-d printed terrain. They make a pretty large line of stuff, but in particular, I’ve noticed their desert themed stuff looks nice. These come unpainted, so some work is needed to get them ready for a game. We’ve got some of their terrain at some of the local shops here and it’s just perfect for Legion.


Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 has a very nice line of terrain products called battlefield in a box. Their products and heavy duty pre-painted resin kits not only look great but are super durable. I’ve used their hills, Gothic features and their Flames of War terrain a lot (you can see it a number of our battle reports) and am a huge fan. They have recently announced a new Galactic Warzone line, which you can read about here. This line is obviously “super generic” sci-fi and not at all aimed entirely at providing Legion players with great terrain. Still, I guess it would look pretty sweet on a Legion table.

Toys Toys Toys!

It may come as a surprise to you dear reader, but people have been making Star Wars toys for a while now. While I was shocked to find out there where Star Wars models made for non-tabletop wargame purposes, it did strike me that some of these models might be converted for tabletop use. Now finding the right toys takes some work as they come in a variety of scales, but in particular large ship toys, like this U-Wing, or some Mellinium Falcons would be about right for Legion. You can merely plop these toys on the table for some extra Star Wars terrain, or for even better effect use them to make your own terrain. My favorite is taking toys, like the U-Wing, and cutting up to make a crashed ship. Doing this is pretty straightforward and can get you 2-3 good terrain features, repainting it can make it look less like a toy and by cutting it up you help hind the fact that the scale may be a little off.

Make Your Own

The Legion rulebook features some pages about how to make your own Legion terrain. Building your own stuff from scratch is not only fun and rewarding but a great way to make sure you get just what you want. There are plenty of good guides, and people are already turning out some impressive tables.

Look to the Future


As Legion continues to grow I have little doubt we will see more and more companies, FFG included making terrain. It’s rather encouraging that even at this early date we have some great options. I’m looking forward to the day when Legion terrain is ubiquitous in game stores across the world.

Know any other good terrain options?  Share them, down in the comments! 

Author: Abe Apfel
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