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Star Wars: Legion – Commander Leia Organa Preview

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May 9 2018
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The Rebels are getting a new commander expansion soon. Leia Organa is reporting in and her inspiring presence keeps the troops in the fight. Come take a look at what this future General brings to the battlefield!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Leia Organa did everything she could to keep the hope of the Rebellion alive throughout the Galactic Civil War, from attempting to reach Tatooine in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi to joining the strike team that brought down the shield protecting the second Death Star. Working closely with both Rebel commanders and troops, she became one of the most enduring leaders of the Rebel Alliance. You’ll soon be able to have Leia Organa take command of your Rebel forces with the Leia Organa Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

Leia is no slouch in combat. Her Sporting Blaster has three black dice at range 1-2 and comes with Pierce 1. And in close combat, her Martial Arts also have 3 Black Dice. She can definitely hold her own! Sharpshooter 2 also helps her shots by dropping the defender’s cover by 2 as well.

While Commander Organa can take the fight to the enemy, her people skills are where she really shines. She has a knack for making units around her better. Leia’s Inspire 2 helps keep suppression tokens at bay from friendly units at range 1-2. She can also grant friendly Dodge tokens with her Take Cover 2 ability.  This combos nicely with Rebel Troopers as they can now use their actions to go on the offensive vs having to dodge themselves.

Another fun tip is that she clocks in at 90 points – which is a full 70 points less than her twin brother Luke. That 70 points can net you a squad of Rebels packing a Z-6 Trooper! And those extra bodies can benefit from their inspiring commander.


Natural Leader

As a Commander in the Rebellion, Leia can help your troops stay focused on the mission. Her command cards reflect her mission-mindset. No Time For Sorrows helps your troops move with an extra speed-1 move when they are issued an order. Somebody Has To Save Our Skins basically allows you to get a double activation with Leia and another unit. You can use this to launch a coordinated strike or it can allow you to get in a better defensive position.

Coordinated Bombardment is Leia’s last command card, and it shows her forethought and appreciation of firepower. This card allows you to activate Leia and get her into position to launch a 2 Red die attack on up to 3 different enemies at range 4 or beyond. Plus those attacks are immune to Deflection as well. The fact that this command card also has a good chance at allowing you to activate first is just icing on the cake – you might just catch your opponent before they are ready for you!

Leia Organa Commander Expansion $12.95

From Alderaanian diplomat to leader of the Rebel Alliance, Leia Organa’s legacy has been one of inspiration, heroism, self-sacrifice, and leadership. Along with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, her actions directly led to the ultimate downfall of the Galactic Empire—so it’s only fitting that she takes her place in Star Wars: Legion as the Rebellion’s second commander, battling alongside Luke Skywalker.


Inside the Leia Organa Commander Expansion, you’ll find everything that you need to add Leia Organa to your army as a commander. A single unpainted, easily assembled miniature beautifully represents Leia Organa on the battlefield, while new upgrade cards allow you to customize how she is represented in the game. Finally, a hand of three new command cards lets you add a unique touch to your overarching strategies, bringing some of Leia Organa’s own unique tactics to your games. Releasing alongside the Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion, these two expansions promise new tactics for the Rebellion to employ in their struggles for freedom.


For Alderaanian! For the Republic!

Author: Adam Harrison
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