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40K: Hitting The Bricks – Building Battle Brothers

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Jun 28 2018

The process for building a Space Marine involves specially engineered organs, extensive genetic “therapy” or, finding the right mix of legos.

That’s right. Skip all that messy stuff with the black carapace and Larraman’s Organ, just grab a couple of 1×1 bricks, a few pegs and articulated pieces to make the joints, and then go from there. You will still need a Sus-an (or Susan) Membrane, though.

That’s right, YouTuber Jerry Builds Bricks is back with another tutorial, this time instead of a Terminator, it’s a good old fashioned Ultramarine with bolter and chainsword. And, if you look at the little details, he’s even got a bolt pistol, and a ubiquitous skull, which is definitely NOT being collected for the Skull Throne.

There’s even a power sword there. It’s so neat to see this go from a smattering of random legos to fully-realized space marine (tiny head and all). I love the detail on this guy–it really captures the feel of an Ultramarine. You can practically hear him rolling a dice every time a command point is spent. This is just the troop to take in order to secure lego objectives, ride around in lego rhinos, and in a pinch deal with line infantry.

Of course you’ll get a little more firepower out of a lego Primaris marine–but they’re not complete yet, it seems. Lego Belisarius Cawl is still working out the master builder instructions, though he is a certified lego maniac. At any rate, enjoy this brick-based battle brother, and as always, if you’ve got a favorite 40K model showing up in other media, post it in the comments below.

On the plus side, you can build a Lego Plasma Gun, and they’re much less likely to overheat. So you can pretty much always overcharge it without running the risk of it melting your mini(figs).


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