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40K: The Warglaives Go Marching Two By Two Hurrah, Hurrah

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Jun 3 2018

Armiger Warglaives, previously only available as part of the Forgebane Boxed Set are now going to be sold separately. Next week, you’ll be able to grab a box of these and take to the tabletop armed with your miniature titans.

Coming next week from GW, the Armiger Warglaive. If you haven’t seen them, these are the little chainsword and thermal spear armed Armigers. If the Helverin are rapid fire support, these are much more suited for close in fighting. Though their weaponry has decent range, and their guns pack a powerful punch that make them suited for taking on heavy armor as well. A capable multi-range model indeed. Let’s take a look.

via Warhammer Community


The Armiger Warglaive is the mount of the lower order of nobles in Imperial Knight houses – the distant cousins, mad uncles (you know what families are like) and promising warriors of common birth. Smaller in stature than other Knights, the Armiger Warglaive is fast and responsive, and still more than capable of butchering entire squads with its reaper chain-cleaver, or devastating armoured vehicles with blasts from the thermal spear.

Now if you’ve played with the Forgebane boxed set, you already know what these little guys can do.

But what you might not know is that their Reaper chain-cleaver has gotten an upgrade in the new codex. So on top of that statline up above, Armigers can get an extra attack out of their chain-cleavers. Either striking normally for that S12 3 damage hit OR…sweeping for two attacks instead of one.


It’s a lot like the sweeping variant of ol’ Mortarion’s scythe, or their own version of stomping feet. This gives you 8 decent attacks against lighter infantry. So you’ll want to get in there with the Warglaives–and depending on what House you play, you’ll have myriad ways of doing that. Including:

Ah just a simple advance and charge stratagem. But it does so much more. If you’re playing House Raven not only can you advance and fire all weapons normally, but you can still Charge. This can be nasty on a Warglaive, but on a full-sized Knight? Devastating. Especially if you’re loaded with heavy weapons (they’ll be assault weapons firing without penalty). Get in there and wreck them good.

At any rate, Warglaives will be out next week, so get ready!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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