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Age of Sigmar: Shadespire Combos For Fun And Profit – Leaders Lead

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Jul 10 2018

Shadespire is a very tight game of fast-paced skirmish combat set in the mirrored city of Shadespire (hence the name). It’s also a game full of sweet combos that can turn even the surest defeat into a hard-fought victory. Check out some of the new ones in the Leaders Expansion.

Here we go folks, let’s dive once more into the world of Shadespire. The upcoming Leaders card set is once again on display. Today, as you might have surmised from the title, we’re looking at some of the combos you’ll be able to pull off with the cards in the new set. These run the gamut from turning your leader and a buddy an unstoppable dirty pair type duo, to having your Leader be killed and overthrown (lookin’ at you Skaven).

All of these are just a small sampling of the kinds of gameplay enhancements you can find in the expansion set, but there’s something for everyone. These previews show off not only new tricks, but also give you a sense of how these warbands play.

via Warhammer Community

So first up, let’s get a few of the generic combos out of the way

These ones are pretty straightforward. Commanding Presence and Trusted Second are a pair of upgrades that let your Commander and a friend fight with the strength of TWO–because truly the most powerful force in the Mortal Realms is Friendship. You might think that’s a joke, but it is the one bond that even Nagash can’t sunder. So.

And speaking of things that are unsunderable, you’ve got Undefeated which gives you some quick glory if you have your leader around, along with Lookout that lets you keep your leader in the fight –though I’d rather just play that one in the other set of cards. Everyone’s favorite Khorne Boys, Magore’s Fiends, have a few new tricks up their sleeves:


This one isn’t really a “combo” so much as a way to win 9 glory in a single turn, if you have a way of ensuring that you (well, your leader) are the only one left standing on the battlefield at the end of a round. Those new Lethal Squares are a helpful way of ensuring that even your own models fall before the might of Khorne.

Garrek’s Reavers on the other hand, are all about killing your enemy’s leader and capitalizing on that, You can use a reaction to gain 3 quick glory. Doesn’t get much easier to use than that. Run Garrek up and hope he kills the enemy leader for fun and profit.

But even that can be all according to plan if you’re playing the Skaven. Krrk the (aptly named) Almost Trusted is always scheming to get rid of the leader of his warband, and now, when that happens, you can gain glory and extra wounds.

Hope you enjoyed that sampling of combos–the new expansion drops soon.

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