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Goatboy’s 40k: The 10 Model or Less Army Challenge

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Aug 13 2018

Goatboy here again and let me tell you – playing a ton of models on the table top is a young players game.

There is nothing worse then having to bend over, move a ton of models across the field, and hope your opponent isn’t playing a slow army too.  I know that an efficient hordes player is probably going to win a lot of games.  But who wants to play those boring waves of miniatures.  Who wants to spread all those models out, try to block movement, and have to micro-manage  a heck of a lot about your movement ?

As I have gotten older it gets harder to find the time to play a game.  Kids, work, and side work (dancing takes up so much time on the weekends) means I just can’t get to the tabletop like I used too.  Beyond the game aspects – the idea of painting so many friggin models is just daunting – especially when some of the current good armies start to hit 150-200 plus minis.  Speaking of painting – a trooper is just not always that exciting and throwing some shades on some kind of big monster or robot is just – a lot better use of my time.

So what does that mean for you all?  Welp that just means I am going to write a bunch of lists that has the restrictive rules of being at most 10 models.  This means that most likely it will be some kind of “Big Model” based list – either Knights, Renegades, Primarch, Surges, etc.  I like to think of it as my way of making an 8th edition Kill team.  With that – lets get to the first one.

Knights and Murder Men!

Super Heavy Detachment – Household That’s So Raven
LoW: Castellan – Relic: Cawl’s Super Awesome Plasma Gun – Warlord – 4+ Ion Shield!
LoW: Gallant, Warlord  Trait – Landstrider
LoW: Crusader, Battlecannon Arm, Relic – Mo’ Gatlin 4000!
LoW: Helverin Armiger

Assassins Elite Detachment – Aka Da Murderz Crue
Elite: Culexus Assassin
Elite: Culexus Assassin
Elite: Eversor Assassin
Elite: Eversor Assassin
Elite: Eversor Assassin

Look at that – 9 models so I got one model left if I somehow had more points.  What the heck does this army do?  Probably win a few games and lose more of them.  But hey who cares – you got 9 models to move around which means you got more then enough time to get food in between games.  Plus it doesn’t have that annoying CP reroll which everyone and their mom hates.

Let’s go with another Knight version – more purely aggressive monstrosity that screams Goatboy.  Plus it again sits at 9 models – most perfect number as you get a max 3 of most neat things.

Knights who say “GIVE ME DAT CANDY”
Super Heavy Detachment – Household Tanaris
LoW: Gallant, Iron Storm Missile Pod – Warlord – Land Strider
LoW: Gallant, Iron Storm Missile Pod – Relic – Supa Fist
LoW: Gallant, Iron Storm Missile Pod


Blood Angels Supreme Command
HQ: Captain, Jump Pack, Hammer, Storm Shield – Relic – Angels Grace/Wings/Etc
HQ: Captain, Jump Pack, Hammer, Storm Shield
HQ: Chief Librarian Mephiston

Adeptus Custodes Supreme Command
HQ: Shield Captain on a Dawn Eagle Bike
HQ: Shield Captain on a Dawn Eagle Bike
HQ: Shield Captain on a Dawn Eagle Bike

This is not a smart list.  It is all about trying to get as close as you can to the enemy – with as many options as you can. It again probably wont work but hey it lets you do some dumb stuff as needed.  Plus all the models can look super cool as you get involved in beating things up.

Now let’s shift towards some bad guys.  I know you can do some Chaos Renegade Knight nonsense if you want too.  Heck I have written a few lists and figured – what the heck lets thrown them on the table and see if anything looks cool.  Will go with a true Bash Bros list and probably at the low end of a model count army.  It again is something I think that would not work to well – but it would make for a fun game.  After that – let me show a tweaked version that drops one of the Primarchs for a better set of spell options.

Bash Bros V5 – Kill Team Version
Super Heavy Aux

Super Heavy Aux


Super Heavy Detachment – Renegade Knights
Renegade Knight, Battle Cannon Arm X 2, Iron Storm Missile Pod
Renegade Knight, Iron Storm Missile Pod
Renegade Armiger

You got points left over but it is 5 models.  I don’t like how you don’t have enough spells to really – throw Morty around.  Magnus ends up having to be the Warlord to get an extra spell.  It lets you get Warptime, Glamour, Heal Spell, Weaver with Morty getting Miasma, Toughness, and something bad.  Its one of those win big but will lose really bad types of armies.  If you want to have some drinks – it isn’t a bad choice to take.

Here is the version that drops Morty and creates a smite machine gun in hopes you can just over power your opponent in spells and options.  It has enough to do target spell removal and hopefully can keep Magnus alive a bit.

Smite Gatling Gun
Thousand Sons Supreme Command
HQ: Ahriman on a Disc
HQ: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Wings, Malefic Talon X 2 – Warlord – +1 to Cast spells
HQ: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Wings, Malefic Talon X 2
LoW: Magnus

Super Heavy Detachment – Renegade Knights
Renegade Knight, Avenger Gatling cannons X 2, Heavy Flamer, Iron Storm Missile Pod
Renegade Knight
Renegade Armiger

You got 4 Smites and lots of targeted removal.  You could drop Magnus, get another Daemon prince, and then a 3 pack of Shamans to throw out 7 smites a turn if needed.  That’s a good deal of Knights.  Heck you could just go with Two Armigers, Gun Knight and then fill out the rest with – whatever you feel like.  I still love the idea of a plethora of Daemon Princes especially since you could take in some Nurglings to help hide out towards the front and maybe give you a chance to hold onto an objective or two.

About Those Command Points

It is really interesting to me that the Imperial side of the game is so Command Point hungry.  The Chaos side of things – while liking Command Points – doesn’t really always need it to work.  In fact a ton of lists just use it for Reroll’s and some small things as needed.  Its an interesting thought as we keep hearing chatter that the old CP farm of AM is going to see a future change.  But that’s for another article.

I write this as I prepare to submit a list in for a local event next week.  I could take an AM/IK/BA monster I made that forgoes the Brigade for more Knights – but it just doesn’t feel very exciting.  Thus all this chatter about small lists full of big monsters I might have to paint in a week.  For those familiar with Eldar and Tau – can you make some big monster lists – say with The Storm Surge or maybe a Wraithknight?


~Comment away with your own versions of a big monster kill team.

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