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40K: 5 Best Big Villain Models

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Sep 25 2018

When it comes to big, imposing models that are mass produced in plastic Games Workshop has some really impressive sculpts. And some of the best around…are the bad guys!

In storytelling, the antagonist (aka the bad guy) needs to be as big and as bad as the hero is good. This allows the “good guy” to rise to the challenge set by the bad guy and overcome them in some epic fashion – this is very basic structure is repeated throughout all of human history.

Games Workshop’s models tell a story – they are a physical representations of the characters from the Grimdark universe. And if they are throwing down the gauntlet (visually at least) then the bad guys have really set the bar pretty high for our heroes to overcome! Here is out list of 5 of the best BIG BAD VILLAIN models from Warhammer 40k:

Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle

This model is BONKERS. It’s one of our favorites that GW has ever done. Period. So of course it had to make our Big Bad Guy List. The wings, the armor, the extra nurglings! And while the basic shape of Mortarion stays the same, he does have a few arm-swap positions, too. So of course it’s going to kick off our list.

Tesseract Vault

This model, the Tesseract Vault, has aged pretty well. For a model that was released when Armageddon was still a think and no one knew what a “Lord of War” was – this one still holds up. Most of the time, folks will build this model as the Obelisk and Trancendent C’tan for rules/construction reasons. But the full on Tesseract Vault realyl does have a lot going on.

It set the bar for a lot of the “new” Necron wave that followed it and it’s a really cool model. Could it use an update to the “flyer base and stand” – sure! But it’s kind of impressive that it does actually work with that stand at all.



Magnus the Red

We couldn’t have Morty on the list without his Brother Magnus, could we?! Magnus was another one of those models that surprised the crap out of everyone and has changed the face of the tabletop. This model can be constructed a few different ways and has multiple weapon options. You can even build him without the chest peice – GW actually sculpted that part of the model too. Magnus does offer some degree of customization and that’s just one more reason we loved this kit!


Yeah – we went with the Gorkanaut over the Stompa! There’s just something about this “little” guy that we liked over the Stompa. Maybe it’s the armor plating that looks slightly less bolt-on than the Stompa’s metal skirt. Maybe it’s the crazy Mr. Potatohead-like belly that opens up. Or maybe it’s the crazy gun arms and weapon variants. Whatever the case – We just really like model!

Great Unclean One

Speaking of models that we just can’t help but like, The Great Unclean One rounds out our list! Again, this model has multiple build options and even has different “belly wound” options. We love that this model maintains that rotund shape but can be customized to your liking. It’s also just gross looking – and we mean that as a compliment! That’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but Games Workshop really nailed this model and that’s why it’s on our list!

Bonus: (Dis)honorable Mention – Ravenwing Darkshroud


This was really the biggest model we could find that the Dark Angels had. And with them being the Biggest Bads in all of the Grimdark, we figured we had to at least get them on the list somehow. Even if it is as a “(Dis)honorable Mention” – because of COURSE they should be on the bad guy list!


That’s our lists of the Best Villain Models. What ACTUAL Honorable Mentions would you toss out there? Let us know by clicking on the Load Comments tab and dropping in your suggestion!

Note: We’re specifically not including Forge World models in our lists – but feel free to let us know which ones you like in the comments!

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