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40K Kill Team: Gellerpox Infected Rules Preview

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Sep 4 2018

The Gellerpox Infected are a brand new faction coming to Warhammer 40,000 and they are getting their start in Kill Team! Let’s take a look at these new Warp Mutants and see what powers the dark gods have bestowed upon them.

Nurgle loves to give gifts to his children and the Gellerpox Infect have been gifted a LOT. This close-combat focused Kill Team is going to bring the beef and lay down some pain on the tabletop. Today, Games Workshop is showing off what you can expect – and dropped some more clues about what they can do in Warhammer 40k.

The Units

Nightmare Hulks

These massive monstrosities are packing Toughness 5 with 4 wounds AND Disgustingly Resilient. Brutal. Not only are they going to be tougher than your average bear to wound, they are also going to be able to absorb those hits and shake them off. But really, those models are just too cool NOT to want to run them.

Gellerpox Mutants

This new unit is basically Poxwalkers 2.0 with some tweaks. Not only are they also packing Disgustingly Resilient, they also have an ability that generates mortal wounds – but it only triggers on unmodified save rolls of a 6! That’s kind of a neat way to generate those wounds…and gives them an excuse to wear necron-faces as helmets.

The Little Guys


Mites, Grubs and Glitchlings are a new sub-set of the Gellerpox Infected and they bring a wide variety of tools to the table. First off, these are looking like the cheap option to fill points for the faction. Secondly, Warhammer Community described them as tricky to get rid of. Being a Nurgle force, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume they probably all have Disgustingly Resilient too. Swarms of little guys who are a pain to get rid of? Yeah, sounds about right…

Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed

Here’s the Big Fella himself. Three heads, and lots of options for your Kill Team, this is a new Commander type for the game.

via Warhammer Community

Commanders are incredibly customisable – rather than levelling up like normal specialists, you’ll choose which level they are when you add them to your roster. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend points on a variety of Traits – one Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed could be a hulking close-combat brute, while another could be a pack-leader who enhances the power of nearby mites and grubs.


Sounds deadly! This guys is a wrecking ball of Nurgle and he sounds like a challenge to take down on the tabletop. Good luck taking down this Horror Movie Monster…

Tactical Advantages

Now here is where things get interesting. As we all know, Tactics are basically Stratagems for Kill Team and provide some pretty big clues as to how this faction translates from Kill Team to the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop.

The Warp can cause some reality-bending things to happen. One of those things is apparently the ability to teleport a model from one spot and drop them 4″ away from any enemy model! Could this be some new type of Deepstrike ability for later? Perhaps. But that 4″ range restriction is just BRUTAL!

Looks like the Gellerpox Infected are also going to be able to bring in some reinforcements during the fight. It also seems like the above two abilities could be used for a 1-2 punch to drop a Gellerpox Mutant behind enemy lines along with a Mutoid Vermin for some support. That’s a lot of Command Points to invest however. I wonder how that is going to translate to the 40k tabletop…

Worried about losing your Nightmare Hulks before they have a chance to get in there? Well with Twisted Blessings you can remove those pesky flesh wounds on a 4+. I don’t know if I like the cost AND the die roll, but hey – it’s a lot better than not having any chance to recover wounds.


The Gellerpox Infected are coming to town and they have gifts from Nurgle to bestow. Just wash your hands when you’re done with them…


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