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40K: Rogue Trader Kill Team Codexes – The Preview

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Sep 6 2018

Have you been waiting for a Rogue Trader Codex? Well the wait is almost over as the new Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set includes TWO brand new codexes for you to use. Get ready for a pair of new factions to be added to Warhammer 40,000!

Kill Team: Rogue Trader is bringing The Elucidian Starstriders and the Gellerpox Infected to the game of Warhammer 40k with two brand new mini-codexes. Both of these factions coming with characters, Detachment rules and stratagems for you to add to your armies – and most importantly: POINTS for Matched Play.


The Elucidian Starstriders

One of the neat features of the Starstriders is that not only do they fit with any Imperial Forces, they can also “borrow” anyone’s transports with their special rule Warrant of Trade:

That’s going to be pretty handy for a unit like Nitsch’s Squad who could benefit from some mobility around the board. As a respectable firebase unit, Nitsch’s Squad is also unique as only 1 of type may be included in any army:

I’m loving the Concussion grenade’s rule as well as the Rotor Cannon. 

One other fun note from GW is that this unit clocks in at a whopping 36 points! And you get the dog, too!


Who’s a good boy? Aximillion is a good boy!

The Gellerpox Infected

Dubbed by the Warhammer Community as “the third piece of the tri-lobe” the Gellerpox Infected are new mutants you can add to your Nurgle themed lists. Not only do they absolutely look the part, they also have the Nurgle keyword so any of those Nurgle-rot related shenanigans don’t negatively impact the Gellerpox Infected.

While we didn’t get any teasers about their points directly we can tell that the Hullbreakers are going to be the close-combat heavy lifters while the little guys (the mites, grubs and Glitchlings) are going to be able to tie-up enemy units and hold down objectives. Plus, this being a Nurgle faction you can bet everything is going to be Disgustingly Resilient. Having fun wasting shots on those pesky Glitchlings holding that game winning objective…


I’m also personally curious about the Gellerpox Mutants. In Kill Team they have an ability to reflect damage back and cause mortal wounds. I would not be surprised if we saw something like that for them in Warhammer 40k.


If you want to play either of these factions they are coming out this weekend for Pre-order from Games Workshop. Pick-up the Kill Team: Rogue Trader box and both factions can be yours – or trade the 1/2 you don’t want to a buddy for his set, you know the drill!


Anyone else wondering what GW is planning for these two factions? Certainly seems like there is some room for expansion, doesn’t it?

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