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40K RUMOR: New Abaddon & Obliterator Models For December

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Sep 6 2018

The Rumor-mill is spinning up about a new Abaddon model along with Obliterators coming in December. Could this year see the Christmas Season go straight to Chaos?! I sure hope so.

This December could see a very chaotic twist as rumors are hitting the internet of a new Abaddon model along with new Obliterators. As a fan of the Warmaster of Chaos, I’ve been hoping for a new Abaddon model for YEARS at this point. We all know he needs one.

Now this rumor comes from a french youtuber named French Wargame Studio by way of a third-party translator. So things could be lost in translation. But just remember to take this rumor with a grain of salt:

You only get 1 grain. Choose wisely.


via The Spanish Inquistior (B&C)

A french youtuber, French Wargame Studio, who has a good rate of rumours just confirmed that a box set with a new Abaddon and new Obliterators was planned for release in December.

(For those who speak french…Bs_I?t=2h14m59s  )



“Four or Five month ago, an american guy “dreamt” of new obliterators. We had the same “dream”. It would be for the end of the year, or beginning of next year, we’ll have a recast of Abaddon and Obliterators. I saw Santa, he was talking to Abaddon: Abaddon was in a box set with some obliterators, fighting other people looking like humans […]. (answering a question) No, it’s not the Battle Sisters ! I don’t know, maybe I spoke too quickly.  No, they will be imperial humans in 3+ power armor. ”

For the record, FWS “dreamt”  of a Gorka-Morka-like game before it was announced by GW.

No more tears Failbaddon please

It would super exciting if this was the case, right? Maybe we can finally have that Robbie G vs Abaddon fight I’ve been waiting for!


Champion of the Imperium vs Champion of Chaos – Heck ya! That’s the Christmas present I’ve been waiting for. “Why don’t you just use a different chaos Primarch or the current Abaddon model and play that out now?” I think you’re missing the point here. If we get a new Abaddon model he’ll probably be in plastic and get a whole new updated look. It’s happened with a few other Chaos Champs already:


Kharn to Kharn


Typhus to Typhus

Ahriman got three versions because reasons.



Are we going to get a new Abaddon? What will he look like in plastic?! Oh man, I can’t wait to find out…


Oh and some new Obliterator models, too. Because:

It’s past time to replace Finecast Miniatures with new plastics.


If these rumors pan out then awesome for Chaos – and for all you crazy hobbyists out there. I mean, when Archaon got a new model GW went pretty crazy with it so I’m assuming that his 40k counter part is also going to get a pretty epic treatment.



What do you think? Would you be excited for this one to pan out? Just start chanting for Abaddon and the Obliterators to come to your town for Christmas!

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