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40K RUMORS: More Starter Boxes Coming

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Sep 17 2018

GW has liked the results of their recent starter box sets – here’s the latest word on what to look forward to.

You have have noticed something over the last year. GW is kicking out a LOT of splash release starter sets.  Remember these:

Dark Imperium: Death Guard & Primaris

Forgebane: Ad-Mech & Necrons

Tooth & Claw: Genestealer Cult & Space Wolves


It appears that Gw is liking the concept of these splash kits that serve as both an introduction to the game (they include the rules) and reature a small number of new models that get released later as the enclosed factions come to market. It’s a great concept and one that that GW looks to keep on cranking out.

The Rumors

The rumormongers tell BoLS

  • Keep looking for this line to continue.
  • Look for tie-ins to upcoming releases as both codex and campaign books approach.
  • Look for unusual faction pairings.
  • Faction candidates mentioned included:
    • Marines (duh)
    • Sisters
    • Orks
    • Tyranids
    • Grey Knights



Age of Sigmar?

No word of if this concept will carry over into Age if Sigmar, but why not follow in the footsteps of Soul Wars? If the concept works for one GW mainline system, it probably will work for the other. I want Daughters of Khaine vs Slaanesh myself – that would be RAD! Sneks vs Boobie-sneks!

~What starter set pairings would you like to see for either 40K or AoS?


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