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40K: Space Hulk Tactics – Tactics Of The Dark Angels And Ultramarines

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Sep 11 2018

Space Hulk Tactics will pit a squad of loyal Astartes against a ravenous infestation of Genestealers aboard a derelict ship. Armed with powerful weapons and armor, the Astartes will need a few tricks up their sleeves if they’re to survive–fortunately the Ultramarines and Dark Angels have exactly that. Take a look.

Space Hulk Tactics is looking pretty amazing. If you like gritty, turn-based tactical games, this is probably the one for you. It’s one of two different X-Comlikes coming out later this year–the other being Mechanicus–but this one places the powerful tools of the Astartes at your disposal. Flamers, power fists, autocannon, the whole works. Or…and this is the part that has me real interested to see where this game goes…you can play as the Genestealers. Both sides have their own special gear and abilities. The game uses a Card System which lets you change up the way the game unfolds as it plays out.

This game has that crunchy tactical goodness to it. There’s a whole lot going on, as these Space Marines take on a ship full of Genestealers.



One thing that helps give the outnumbered Astartes an advantage is their Chapter Abilities. These are unique powers available to each different Chapter in the game. These reflect the flavor of the various factions while at the same time giving you some cool abilities. First up, here are the Ultramarines:

As you might expect, they’re utterly devoted to the Codex Astartes…



It even says so right on the box. But this gives you access to powerful defensive abilities, like being able to guard in spite of taking other actions this turn.

The Dark Angels, on the other hand, are an enigmatic and mysterious Chapter. They’re all about Teamwork, which seems a little more unusual for them, but I guess it could represent them teaming up to track down the Fallen.

Their teamwork abilties seem pretty strong, allowing canny players to transfer action points from one to another. In the video you can see one of them getting the drop on a Genestealer with a flamer.


There are still Blood Angels and Salamanders to go, as well as the four hive fleets of Genestealers that’ll be fighting these guys. But so far, Space Hulk Tactics is shaping up to be exactly what I’ve always wanted out of Space Hulk.

What faction will you play?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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