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Age of Sigmar: Made To Order – Old World Heroes

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Sep 2 2018

That’s right friends, for one week only you can order Order heroes, made to order. Get your hands on old favorites like Louen Leoncouer or Kurt Helborg next week!

Another batch of Made to Order Order Heroes this week. And you have to be careful typing out made to order order because if you not, then who knows when it’s going to stop. Next week, probably because that’s when you can no longer order Made to Order Order Heroes–at least until the next go round.

via Warhammer Community

Here comes a new batch of heroes from the World-That-Was. This new wave includes all your Order favorites, long before they even new what Order was and there was only the vaguest sense of ‘these guys are good.’ Well. Maybe they’re okay. Well. Maybe they’re less terrible than the actual Vampire Counts and Chaos Marauders. That we can all agree on.

This wave, we’re looking at champions of justice and good – or, whatever passed for it in the grim and perilous Old World. For humans, you’ll be able to grab classic Bretonnian commanders in the Fay Enchantress and Louen Leoncoeur, or pick up two of the most magnificent moustaches to ever grace the worlds of Warhammer with Ludwig Schwarzhelm and Kurt Helborg.

Meanwhile, fans of Dwarfs and duardin will be pleased to see another chance to get their hands on High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer as well as legendary runesmith Thorek Ironbrow – plus the Anvil of Doom.


Finally, for the Seraphon (or as they were  known back then, the Lizardmen) you’ll be able to grab two diminutive (and deadly) Skink champions – the deadly Chameleon Skink chief Oxyotl and the bloodthirsty Tenehuain, priest of the mysterious god Sotek…


Rules for these champions will be available for free next Friday, as part of the Heroes of the Old World PDF for Warhammer Legends. If you’ve been looking to give these classics another outing on the tabletop in narrative and open play, this is your chance, but hurry – once they become available to order on the 8th of September, you’ll only have a week to get yours.

Which Made to Order Orders Will You Make?


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