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Age Of Sigmar: The Lore And Legends Of The Dark Walkers

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Sep 16 2018

Beasts of Chaos is out for Pre-Order. Come take a look at the secretive Darkwalkers, and learn their secretive ways.

Beasts of Chaos is here, and with it you’ll meet the three Greatfrays, which are thousands-to-milliions strong herds of Beastmen all organized around a central conceit. Whether it’s the rapid expanse and conquest of the Allherd, the spawn-loving transformations of the Gavespawn, or as we’ll see today–the ambush and trickery laden tactics of the Darkwalkers–the Greatfrays pose a dire threat to those who serve Order in the Mortal Realms.

So what are Darkwalkers? Well as mentioned, they’re members of the Darkwalker Greatfray, which is the cunning, deceitful faction of Beastmen. They are the predators that lurk in the dark, gleaming eyes peering out from the darkness. They are the tide of beasts that swarm in from all sides, knowing the secret paths and wilder parts of the world. These nomadic beasts use their knowledge to help guide the tides of Chaos where they need to be, while isolating their enemies like prey lured away from the safety of their fellows.

So for starters, every Beastman unit in your army suddenly gains the Brayherd Ambush battle trait, which means that any of your unit can Outflank, and you can control whether they come on in the first or second turns pretty easily.

They’re required to take the special Desolate Shard artefact, which is an item that turns terrain against your enemy units. It’s a 1-shot smite equivalent that only goes off on a 4+ though, so. Finally they get a redeploy, reflecting their knowledge of shadowy paths and secret tricks to get around the battlefield unseen, preying on unsuspecting opponents with their swift-striking armies, held for just the right moment.

The Darkwalkers play to some of the Beastmens’ strengths, because the Beastmen are definitely an army that can dish out a much bigger punch than they can take. Their debuffs mean it’s pretty easy to maneuver opponents into them, but if caught unawares, they have a harder time enduring. But careful positioning will ensure that you get your troops in while they’re at their best.


What do you think? Darkwalkers? Allherd? Gavespawn? Or is one of the Chaos god flavored herds more to your liking?

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