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AoS: Top 5 ‘Big Kits’ From The Mortal Realms

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Sep 27 2018

Warhammer Age of Sigmar has some fantastic plastic kits. We’ve got a list of our 5 favorites – did your favorite make the cut?

When it comes to kits that are large, imposing, and visually stunning, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has quite a few. We’re taking a look at a few of our favorites today. Now, we’re only counting the big plastic kits you can get from Games Workshop – no Forge World Resin here. But if there is a Forge World kit you like, drop it in the comments and who knows, we might just make a Forge World Favorites list one day…

That said – Here’s our list in no particular order!

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead

Nagash’s kit is just well, amazing! We love the little details on this kit – and there are LOTS of them thanks to his size. It’s can be hard to tell just from looking at this picture, but this kit is really impressive when you see it in person. There are also a few different ways to pose this kit with different arms and weapon options. Overall, it’s just one of the best centerpiece models for an Undead Army.

Alarielle the Everqueen

If there is one lesson to learn from this kit it’s simply: Never Skip Leg Day! But seriously, this kit is bonkers. Alarielle could have been a fantastic model solo with the crazy wings, the amazing details on her model, and her crazy Talon of the Dwindling. But GW didn’t stop with just her – they added a crazy freaking Wardroth Beetle for her to ride atop! That’s another model that would be a fantastic stand alone kit! I kind of wish GW had made more units riding Beetles for the Slyvaneth – a whole Wardroth Calvary unit perhaps? How awesome would that be?!

Archaon Everchosen

Just…wow. Not only is the one of the best and most insane models Games Workshop has ever produced, Archaon also has one of the craziest titles in all of Warhammer: Archaon Everchosen, Exaulted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse. This kit, to me, is my White Whale – if I ever catch one (ie buy it) I’ll probably die before I get it looking how I would want. It’s just a really impressive kit and not even watching Duncan’s Painting Guide has convinced me that it’s a task I’ll be able to tackle…maybe one day.


Arkanaut Ironclad

This is the ship that launched a thousand battles. When the Kharadron Overlords floated on the scene with their new steam-punk dwarven air-pirate look, this ship really sealed the deal. When you say “Air-ship” to an AoS player they are totally thinking of the Ironclad. We love this mode because it looks like a real nautical vessel that just happens to have a mini-blimp on top. Plus it’s got tons of crazy little doo-dads on all over the ship. It just looks great from any angle and it a real eye-grabber on the tabletop.

Megaboss on Maw-krusha

With a name like Maw-krusha it had to be on our list! The Maw-krusha really captures the essence of Orruk on the tabletop. It’s big and burly, and a little boxy in an organic way. It’s got these crazy square-ish scales and you can tell it’s seen some fighting. It’s a beast you do not want to mess with if you can help it – Oh and the Warboss on top is no joke either! He’s another great miniatures in his own right – and combined they are a big Ggeen Wrecking ball of pain hurling across the tabletop! What a sight to behold.


Something missing from our lists? Maybe the Stardrake? Or what about the Magmadroth? How about Morathi? Let us know what your favorite big kits from Age of Sigmar are in the comments below!


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