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Next Week From GW: Nightvault Warbands And Titan Warhounds

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Sep 30 2018

GW has a lot to offer next week, as long as you like the prefix war- you’re good. Two new Warbands (and two returning favorites), Warhound Titans coming next weekend.

That’s right. Next weekend has a plethora of new releases coming this next weekend. It’s a specialty games extravaganza this week, with Warhammer Underworlds getting two new Warbands–the Eyes of the Nine, who bring Tzeentch’s strange, ever-changing ambitions to the Nightvault, and Zarbag’s Gitz, who are getting their Moonclan fungus everywhere.

via Warhammer Community

The Disciples of Tzeentch are a fan-favourite faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and with the rise of wizards and spellcasting in the Mirrored City, it was only fitting that the Chaos God of Magic’s forces should receive a Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault expansion. The Eyes of the Nine are an ambitious pack of seekers hunting for forbidden knowledge, made up of a varied band of the Changer of Ways’ followers.

Led by magister Vortemis the All-Seeing, the Eyes of the Nine are an unusual and dynamic warband, capable of casting magical spells and even summoning Blue Horrors to the field, turning the rules of Warhammer Underworlds on their head and offering exciting new challenges for you to master.

Zarbag’s Gitz are Warhammer Underworlds first-ever NINE-fighter warband, a rampaging pack of goblins who make up for their individual frailty with overwhelming numbers, squig allies and fungus-fuelled determination.


Following on from the Fungoid Cave-Shaman earlier in the year, this warband brings the classic and much-loved aesthetic of the Moonclan to life in stunning detail, featuring new takes on iconic classics like squigs as well as all-new miniatures that shed light on the madcap world of the grots, like armoured squig-herder Drizgit.

But there’s more coming next week. You can also grab the Warhound Titans, adding some faster firepower to your Titan Legions.

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to build two of these iconic war machines for Adeptus Titanicus, complete with a range of weapon options as well as choices of pose and armour plating.

You can see from the Sprues that it’s super customizable–and all the titans come ready to be magnetized, so you can give them the loadout and pose you want.


These guys are a fantastic choice for any cunning princeps, trading durability for superb speed and manoeuvrability. Run literal rings around Warlord Titans, keep pace with any pesky Knight Lances – or just enjoy the novelty of owning a Warhound Titan in plastic!

But that’s hardly everything. The last little bit of next week’s releases include a bunch of classic Chaos Heroes available as part of the made-to-order special bringing the World-That-Was back to the tabletop.

With Beasts of Chaos now on shelves, we’re revisiting some classic Chaos Heroes from the world-that-was, delving into our archives to give you a chance to own some magnificent miniatures from Warhammer’s past. First up, there are two classic Heroes of the Beastmen: Khazrak One-eye and Morghur.

For fans of monsters, meanwhile, Throgg, the Troll King and the Great Drake, Galrauch, are two much-loved models of yesteryear that’ll make a magnificent painting project for any Chaos fan.


Clans Pestilens overlord Nurglitch will also be available – first of the Plague Lords and a must-have for any Pestilens fan looking to see where it all began.

So stay tuned this week for more previews of what these Warbands will bring to Nightvault, what the Warhound will bring to Titanicus, and what else we can expect as we roll from September into Orktober.

Orktober, or as it’s sometimes called here in Texas, Trukk Month.

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