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Pathfinder: It Came From Hollow Mountain – Return Of The Runelords

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Sep 15 2018

The Runelords’ Return continues on, this time the secrets of an age long past beckon, calling out to heroes who can survive a trap-infested dungeon full of danger.

Dungeons are often home to long-forgotten treasure, and in the storied Hollow Mountain, players pursuing the Runelords’ Return will find one of the greatest treasures of them all–knowledge, waiting for them. This is one of the final few adventure paths as Pathfinder switches into playtest and 2nd Edition mode, so grab your dice and gear up. The Runelords are Returning, can you stop them?

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It Came From Hollow Mountain – $24.99

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Hollow Mountain has loomed over the horizon of the Varisian Gulf for as long as those waters have been sailed, frightening sailors and tempting adventurers with its promises of treasure and terror alike. Having restored order to the town of Roderic’s Cove, the region’s newest heroes must deliver a powerful item south to the city of Magnimar, but they soon find that fate is leading them to one of the land’s most infamous dungeons. What awaits these heroes in the trap-filled and monster-haunted corridors and chambers below Hollow Mountain will put them to the test, but if they can survive, they will emerge with knowledge vital to standing against the runelords’ return!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path and includes:

  • “It Came from Hollow Mountain,” a Pathfinder adventure for 5th-level characters, by Mike Shel.
  • Details on the empyreal lord Ashava, patron of dancers and lost souls, by Jason Keeley.
  • An exploration of the violent and hideous monsters known collectively as sinspawn, by Patchen Mortimer.
  • A bestiary of monsters, including the malevolent choking shade, the lumbering arachnid masterminds known as shriezyx queens, and the demigoddess Ashava herself, by Jason Keeley, Mark Moreland, and Mike Shel.

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