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Star Wars: Legion – Scouting Ahead With The Scout Troopers

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Sep 18 2018

The Scout Troopers are coming to Star Wars: Legion and we’re getting a closer look at what they bring to the table.

The Imperial Scout Troopers are the eyes and ears of the Empire. They are able to move in, find their targets and report back. Sometimes they are even used in situation where massive numbers of Storm Troopers would be a detriment – like dense forests or urban settings. Scout Troopers are alsp tactically flexible as they are able to work in smaller squads and still provide serious fire support.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Stormtroopers are a common sight throughout the galaxy, maintaining order on countless Imperial-occupied worlds. There are few, however, who have caught a glimpse of a squad of Scout Troopers and survived. These elite troopers often work in the shadows, operating best when the enemy doesn’t even know they’re present. Unlike standard rank-and-file corps units, Scout Troopers are a special forces unit, so you can include up to three Scout Trooper units in your army if you want to take full advantage of the tactical flexibility they provide.

Scout Troopers are highly trained and are more proficient with Blasters than your standard Stormtrooper. To represent this, they have the Sharpshooter 1 ability. They are also highly mobile and this is represented by their Scout 1 ability. That speed does come at a price – they only have a white defense die unlike the better protected Storm Troopers.

The good news is they do have Low Profile which improves their cover – every little bit helps! Scout Troopers can also be taken as a heavy weapon team that can provide support either up close or at a distance depending on which weapon option you choose:


The Right Tools For The Job

The Scout Troopers also have access to a few other Upgrade Card options. These upgrades will ensure they can stay alive long enough to get the job done – or activate at the right time to get the maximum benefit:


The Scout Trooper Expansion is due out in Q3 of 2018 – right along side Boba Fett!

Scout Troopers Unit Expansion $24.95

Stormtroopers may form the bulk of the Galactic Empire’s infantry forces, but sometimes more elite troopers are needed to secure key positions and pave the way for other Imperial forces. Scout Troopers meet this need. These soldiers are capable of both working in large groups and smaller teams, their specialized training making them particularly dangerous.

Within the Scout Troopers Unit Expansion, you’ll find a squad of seven unpainted, easily assembled Scout Trooper miniatures that can be used to field two different special forces units: a standard squad or a two-miniature strike team. Additionally, the five upgrade cards included with this expansion can be added to the Scout Troopers or another unit, giving you more options for outfitting your Star Wars: Legion armies.


We are the eyes and ears of the greatest military power in the galaxy!

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