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40K: Build Your Own Space Hulk With Space Hulk Tactics’ Map Editor

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Oct 3 2018

With a robust map editor on display, Space Hulk Tactics will allow you to design your own Hulks for beleaguered Marines and slavering Genestealers to battle in. Come take a glimpse of Space Hulk Tactics’ Map Editor.

Space Hulk Tactics puts the design of the derelict behemoths that populate the weird corners of the warp and unexplored reaches of the galaxy into your hands with its map editing toolset. Whether planning Genestealer spawn points, long corridors, or rooms full of deathtraps, or other mysteries, the map editor lets you design your own battlefield.

In the latest trailer, we get a glimpse of the level design toolset for Space Hulk Tactics. It seems fairly robust, with players able to place doors and traps and the like around the level–but also being able to design things like objectives for the maps. So you might set players up in a labyrinth with a goal of Extract the Servo-Skull.

Or my own personal favorite, set on fire and extract. You can set turn length, the number of startingblips for Genestealers, the number of terminators scattered around the map–and you’ll be able to add your own elements of lore into the mix, because player creations will be shareable for custom games. So you might design a level and see if your friends can team up and take it out, or join the battle as Genestealers or Marines and show them how you’ve hidden all of the traps on the way into your base, while using secrets only you know about to trounce your “friends.”

The game is out for wide release on Tuesday, so we’ll all have a chance to get our hands on this soon enough. In the meantime, you can still sign up for the pre-order beta online.


Now to go design a map that’s got eight doors down a single dead end corridor…

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