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40K: GW Teases One More Ork Vehicle

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Oct 4 2018
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Games Workshop has one more Ork teaser up today – and this one really is a tease! Plus they have a challenge out there for the community, if we all collectively get answer correct, then GW will reveal the new model!

Now THIS is a teaser. It’s not a blurry still or a desaturated photo. This is a blacked-out silhouette of a new Ork vehicle and it’s going to drive you mad with squig-like hunger! Or maybe I just need to stop skipping breakfast…

via Warhammer Community

One more Ork buggy remains to be revealed. We’ve seen grounded dakkajets, shokk-attack powered dragsters and even a mounted Warboss, but one vehicle there’s still one more…

We know you guys are dying to see it, so we’ve set you a challenge to earn it. Can YOU guess correctly what it is from its silhouette alone?

That looks like some sweet new ride. But that’s not all – Games Workshop also has a challenge AND one more clue to offer as well. They have posed this questionnaire to the community. What is this new ork vehicle:

They have setup a little voting game on their facebook page. If the majority picks the right answer then they will reveal the buggy in full! So what’s the clue I mentioned? I think that they are ALL correct. I mean, think about it – GW will have to reveal this model at some point, right? It’s going to come out one way or another. Plus these are all just reaction icons from Facebook…I don’t think there is a wrong answer here. Basically, they are all going to be correct from a certain point of view.


Wouldn’t a squig-based weapon BE a weaponized Ork food truck? And after that squig eats it’s going to produce some biological waste…I’d call those landmines of one type or another. Just sayin!

Anyways, looking at the image, it’s pretty clear we’ve got some type of buggy/trike/car going on here. There are very clearly at least two wheels, which probably means at least one more wheel (it’s not a motorcycle). There is also a very clear image of a Power Klaw as well. Maybe this is a the “Warboss on a buggy” version of the buggy model. We’ve got Warbosses on bikes/trikes – why not a Warboss on a buggy!?


So what’s your take? Better yet, what would you NAME this ork buggy? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Adam Harrison
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