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40K: Looted Wagons Return In Chapter Approved

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Oct 29 2018

This year’s Chapter Approved will follow in the tracks laid down by last year’s custom Land Raider rules. Only this time they are getting an Orky twist with Looted Wagon rules!

I hope all you Mekboyz out there are ready to get to customizing your own looted wagons again because Chapter Approved is bringing them back! Check this out:

via Warhammer Community

Just as last year’s Chapter Approved featured rules for customising your very own Land Raiders, this year’s edition contains rules and guidelines for fielding pretty much any kind of Looted Wagon you can dream up for open play. Here’s one Dan from the Army Painting team made just for the occasion:

The conversion possibilities are virtually endless when you can loot pretty much anything! I know ork players are some of the most creative bunch out there so I can’t wait to see what they come up with when these rules hit the table.

If you’re looking for some inspiration – or maybe just some good tips on materials to work with – check out Adam Savage’s video about Kit-bashing and Scratch-building:

The key is to get your hands on some styrene aka “plasticard” – it typically comes in sheets and you can find different thicknesses. Any good hobby store will have loads on hand. From there…well, watch the video. There are lots of cool tips and tricks from Adam. It’s a 26 minute video, but it’s definitely worth the watch.



Alright Ork players – what are you looking forward to looting? Leman Russes? T’au Stormsurges?! A Tyranid Carnifex… can you even do that? I’ll leave that up to your imagination!

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