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40K RUMORS: Ork Clan Warlord Traits Revealed

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Oct 9 2018

Orktober is revving up and we’re getting some rumors about what the Ork Warlords are getting to bring to the tabletop – Come check out the Ork Clan specific Warlord Traits right now!

One youtuber is claiming to have the inside scoop on the Ork Warlord Traits. This could be BIG for all you Ork Warbosses out there who are trying to plan your next great WAAAGH!!!

Just remember these are rumors so take them with a grain of salt…

via KiriothTV (youtube)

  • Bad Moons: 4+ invulnerable save
  • Blood Axes: If your warlord is on the battlefield, roll a dice for every command point used. On a 6 that command point is refunded
  • Deathskulls: Warlord re rolls 1s when attacking a vehicle. Enemy characters can be targeted with a shooting attack by this warlord even if they are not the closest unit
  • Evil Sunz: Evil Suns units within 6” of the warlord can charge even if they fell back earlier in the turn
  • Goffs: Add 1 to this warlords attack characteristic
  • Snakebites: Re roll morale for snakebite units when they are 6”s from this warlord. Gretchin auto pass morale when they are within 12”s of this warlord
  • Freebooters: Reroll hit rolls of 1’s for attacks made by friendly freebooter models while within 6”s of this warlord

Curiously, this does list six of the Ork Clans and also the Freebooters as options for where your Orks loyalties might end-up. GW has said that “[Codex: Orks] features bespoke rules for the six major Ork clans…” So you’ll have to decide for yourself if that adds some weight to these rumors or if that is a red flag.

Regardless, these rule don’t seem to far-fetched or wish-listy. These seem entirely plausible – which is what makes these rumors so interesting! We’re only a few weeks out from Codex: Orks so it’s entirely possible these might end-up being accurate.


We’re weeks away from the Greenskin advance – are you ready?


So what do you think of these Ork Rumors? Are the Warlord Traits of the clans everything you’re hoping for?

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