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BREAKING 40K RUMORS: Deffkilla Wartrike Rules are DED KILLY!

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Oct 17 2018

The flood gates are opening and the inter-tubes, brings us the full 40K rules for the meanest fastest Ork wheeled tank hunter – the Deffkilla Wartrike Dragsta.

The Ork Codex is just around the corner, it does seem like it’s the season for leaks. Let’s see exactly what happens when you stick a Warboss on a giant trike loaded down with Dakka. IT’S CRUMPIN TIME!

Pic via Youtube, where purported intel from the codex keeps on coming.

via kirioth 10-17-2018


Compare it to the standard buggy we have now:

  • Now this is a point blank vehicle, emphasizing assault and 8″ or less shooting.
  • Note the aura it gives to other bikes/vehicles to make the army be able to close and assault very quickly.
  • So far of the vehicles we’ve seen leaked, the Killa Jet is what makes this guy the big game hunter – able to go after high wound and high toughness targets.
  • 5 attacks with the Snagga Claw at WS:2 is real hitting power.
  • No idea on points, but it should be well over 100, and I think this could easily be an HQ vehicle.


Now what do you think of the Ork Buggies revealed so far?

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