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BREAKING 40K RUMORS: Skarboyz, ‘Ard Boyz, Unit Changes & a Sad Goodbye

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Oct 18 2018

The flood gates are torn right off their hinges and today brings us the fate of Skarboyz, ‘Ardboyz, and a lot of Ork unit update rumors are here. Dig in!

The Ork Codex is just around the corner, it does seem like it’s the season for leaks. Get ready to roll a LOT more dice for some of your favorite Ork units and say goodbye forever to some others.

Intel via Youtube, where purported intel from the codex keeps on coming.

via kirioth 10-17-2018

Skarboyz & Ardboyz


  • Skarboyz & Ardboys are now represented by pre-game upgrade stratagems. This puts them in line with things like Alaitoc Pathfinders and does not bode well for them getting new minis anytime soon.
  • YIKES, the Stompas Deffkannon literally has triple the shots! Super Gatler is 50% more shots. That’s a LOT more Dakka.
  • Flashgitz are now really Orky Devastators – with decent armor and much more deadly and flexible Snazzguns.
  • Removal of Big Guns is interesting if true – and continues the removal of old out of print minis from the game. (you can still hobby them up or use them as counts-as)

The original Splatta Kanon is from 1998 – I think its earned a rest.

Now what do you think of the Ork rules revealed so far?

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