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D&D: Errata And Updated Corebooks Coming In November!

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Oct 3 2018

Big news this week in the world(s) of Dungeons and Dragons. An updated list of errata and FAQs for D&D is coming out in November, alongside the Core Rules Gift set. So much to be excited about in November.

According to Jeremy Crawford–who has emerged from his book-making chrysalis, having completed work on Waterdeep: Dungeon on the Mad Mage and the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica–November will have even more for D&D players and DMs alike to look forward to. Announced on Twitter, there’s going to be an updated errata document for each of the books.

The updated rules will also be available in the new printing of the Core Gift Set, so if you’ve had your eye on those special collector’s edition covers designed by Hydro74, you’ll be playing with the most up-to-date ruleset possible in your physical books. Which will come in handy once technology inevitably betrays us and everything stored on the cloud somehow gains a malevolent sentience.

You’ll also be able to find the latest updates rolled into your digital documents as well–everything available on D&D Beyond (and presumably other online services like Roll 20) will be up to date with the release of the errata documents. If you’re curious as to the kinds of changes we can expect to see, a thumb back through some of the Sage Advice columns have a taste of some of the clarifications we can find. Things like:


Or the fabled “coffeelock” antidote, seen here:

Although by and large, the errata will probably make the game run smoother. The rules changes we’ve seen so far tend to skew a little more descriptive rather than proscriptive. And 5th Edition has been doing an amazing job so far of not getting bogged down by arguing about what is and isn’t technically possible within the rules. It’s more about presenting the clearest version of the rules to players so they can use the tools of the game to tell the heroic stories that bring us all to the table.

As Mike Mearls pointed out earlier in his thread about not designing for a-holes, the kinds of things you design for set the expectations of your community. And 5th Edition’s community is pretty stellar so far. So with that in mind, I’m hopeful to see what errata will come. Either way, November should hold a lot of changes to be hopeful about.

We’ll keep you updated with more on the errata and other D&D news as it develops. In the meantime, Happy Adventuring!

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