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D&D: Forging Heroes Wants To Bring D&D To Your Schools

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Oct 31 2018

Showing that you don’t play Dungeons and Dragons without learning a little something about courage, the Forging Heroes Society is an organization dedicated to helping kids everywhere play RPGs. Help them forge a new generation of heroes.

We all know roleplaying games are great. They bring us together–giving you an immediate shared experience if you’re playing with strangers, or deepening connections when playing with friends. And the skills they teach: communication, problem solving, teamwork, to name a few–are invaluable. I don’t need to tell you that gaming might save the world, professor McGonigal can tell you that.

On top of that, games–and roleplaying games especially promote reading and creativity, all the things that are good for growing young minds. The Forging Heroes Society is an organization dedicated to bringing the joy and creativity of roleplaying games to children while providing them with positive role models and leaderhip–a little like Big Brothers and Sisters.

Forging Heroes Society exists to encourage, empower, uplift, and educate children through the medium of tabletop roleplaying games, and the leadership of positive, adult role models.

We believe in getting people, and especially kids, into table top role playing games, and work to make that dream a reality. Our goal, is to ensure that anyone who is interested in playing table top role playing games, has the opportunity to do so.

We do this by supporting schools, youth groups, libraries, and community groups who are working to give kids of all ages access to the games.

This is an amazing thing they’re doing. RPGs can be expensive, but the organization provides the supplies and volunteers (if you’re near them), or assistance to teachers/leaders running their own D&D Clubs.


Right now they’re looking for a little help to expand their reach. If, like me, you know how much roleplaying games can help a person–it’s an activity like no other, really–this is a great way to give back. Consider checking out their GoFundMe campaign, featured below.

In less than two months (May & June) we supplied two clubs and about a dozen kids with everything they needed to play D&D. This school year started less than a month ago, and we’re already supplying 4 clubs and over 50 kids with what they need to play and run games at their school. What We Do: We supply students and schools with everything they need to play, or run, roleplaying games. We supply them with core rule books, dice for every player, miniatures and battlemats, markers and additional supplements so they can have, or lead, the adventure of a lifetime. When a club finishes for the year, we visit the club again. Based on the recommendations of the club leader, whether that’s a teacher or peer, we then give two or three members of that club all they need to continue playing the game after club ends and for the rest of their life. What We Need Your Money For: For everything listed above, but primarily: core rule books, battlemats, DM/GM screens, minis and new roleplaying systems (as not everyone wants to play D&D), and their core rule books and whatever else is required to play them. Forging Heroes Society is passionate about the positive impact collaborative storytelling can have, especially when facilitated with numeracy and literacy in mind. In a day and age where many people complain about the amount of time children spend on screens, tabletop roleplaying games are a break from that. Sitting around a table with their peers, creating or exploring worlds that didn’t exist, taking risks and problem solving, sharing those moments that can only be experienced at the table and become the stories they remember as they grow into the worlds leaders, is what Forging Heroes Society lives for and loves.

Check out the Forging Heroes Society’s GoFundMe

Happy adventuring!


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